How to Have Weight Loss Without Doing Cardio

How to Have Weight Loss Without Doing Cardio

“Do Cardio, if you want to lose weight”, this is what you heard the first time when you told someone that “I want to lose weight!

Doing cardio for weight loss has both a good and bad reputation in fitness. Many will tell you that you can’t lose weight without doing cardio and actually there are many people out there who successfully lose weight without doing cardio single time.

In order to lose weight, there is only one thing you need to keep in mind which is calorie deficit, cardio and weight lifting is there to boost your process. However, there is little research which shows that weight lifting is better than cardio when it comes to weight loss.

As you read further, we will see how you can lose weight without doing cardio and why resistance training is better than cardio.

Cardio Or Resistance Training For Weight Loss

How to Have Weight Loss Without Doing Cardio

There are few people who told you in the gym or online that cardio is better for weight loss than weight lifting.

In reality, like this, this and many other research shows that resistance training is better when someone wants to lose weight.

If you want to understand in much more detail you can read the article below by precision nutrition or read further I made simple for you!

What this studies says that cardio is better if you’re looking for weight loss a grand total of 1.76 kg (3.88lb) after 8 months, of which 0.1 kg (0.22 lb) came from muscle.


The combination of cardio and resistance training group lost the most fat(not water weight) while gaining muscles.

They also improved their cardio vascular performance than the group who is in the aerobic exercise group.

From all these studies, most researchers and professional personal trainers conclude that a combination of aerobic and weight lifting exercises are best for fat loss and cardiovascular endurance.

Now if you only do cardio, like all said, you will lose weight from the body not the body fat, which is more important for anyone who wants to do weight loss.

There may be some confusion in your mind as I explain in very short detail, that’s why I suggest you give this article a read!

Lose Belly Fat With Cardio?

The number one reason people recommend you to do cardio is to lose belly fat.

“If you wanna lose belly fat, do cardio” that’s what I got when I was a beginner and want to lose belly!

There are two things I want to cover here, the first one is you can’t do spot reduction by doing any kind of exercise, whether it could be weight lifting, cross fit, body weight or any kind of exercise.

And In fact if we see the calories burned by the exercise from this calculator, you can see that the normal weight training, calisthenic and cycling at 9 mile per hour can burn 206, 175, and 140 calories respectively.

Now this is not 100% true but resistance trains burn more calories than the other type of training for the same person.

So if you wanna lose belly fat, what would you do?

How to Lose Weight Without Cardio

Now, you must be wondering that I hate cardio but actually I love doing cardio but not more than lifting heavy with deadlifts and squats!

Let’s talk about why you’re really here!

Below are some things you should keep in mind if you want to lose weight without doing cardio.

First Thing: Make sure you are “ACTUAL” in a calorie deficit diet. 

By now, I presume that you know about how to calculate macros and calories for weight loss goals and what a calorie deficit diet is, if not, check out this article.

The reason behind using the word “ACTUAL” is most people THINK they are in a calorie deficit but they are not and it is proven that many people do underreporting when it comes to measuring and tracking what they’ve eaten!

Second Thing: You are doing resistance training at least 3 times a  week

Now we don’t want to do cardio for our weight loss goal but we have to do weight lifting in order to prevent a few side effects.

Although you can lose weight without doing any kind of exercise, it is very important that you do exercise to stay away from the side effects. I mention that in this article!

When you are doing exercise 3 times a week, I suggest you do a full body workout as it will help you to train all of your muscle groups more than other workout splits like upper/lower workout routines.

ALL other things

There are no more other things you should keep in mind to lose weight without cardio.

Trust me, on the internet you will find many other things to do the same without cardio but they are very general and I assume most of you know about it, if not, give this article a read!

That’s nothing more, you have to lose weight without doing cardio.

Just do this for at least 6 – 8 weeks to see visual results!

Importance of Cardio For Weight Loss

You remember I said “I love cardio!” and the reason behind saying that is the importance of it!

Every type of training has its own importance.

For cardio, you can burn a higher amount of energy than you burn with weight lifting. 

If you have less time or out of time to do weight lifting at the gym, you can do cardio on that day and burn a few more calories.

Apart from all others, the biggest advantage of doing cardio is to improve cardiovascular endurance.

For weight loss specifically, you can see weight loss in your body if you do high intensity cardio seven times a week but you will never be able to see fat loss! 

What’s NEXT

Now you know that it is completely possible to lose weight without doing cardio.

All you have to do what anyone can do for weight loss consistently without cardio.

If you do all right, there is no one that can stop you to lose weight, even cardio!

Doubts? Thoughts? Comments? Drop Them Below!

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