The Number One Weight Loss Mistake You Shouldn't Do

The Number One Weight Loss Mistake You Shouldn’t Do

So you wanna lose weight?

You tried…


and tried again….’

but still not losing.

if you think every time that I’m doing better than last diet or last time and still not losing weight, and trying to find the f*cking weight loss mistake why you’re not losing weight, this guide for you.

The Number One Weight Loss Mistake You Shouldn't Do

it may have some general points that you have heard earlier but we will go deeper and see if you’re still following this but why you don’t achieve your desire goal.

So there is two most important things when it comes to any fitness goals.

but if I talked about weight loss then the DIET is the more importance than any other things.

let’s check how good are you at following diet for long period of time and how good is your diet.

First how good is your diet?

Below are the some easy to answer question. check if you’re doing something wrong or not.

Keep in mind that these are the most important factors when it comes to weight loss.

It affects weight loss directly.

There are some other factors which affect weight loss indirectly.

you can check them out here if you want too.

Weight Loss Mistakes

The Number One Weight Loss Mistake You Shouldn't Do

1.  Are you following calorie deficit principle?

Read more here about calorie deficit.

2. Does your diet has enough protein?

check out below image to determined it is enough or not.

3. Does your diet include healthy fats?

4. Does your diet include YOUR choice of Foods or your favorite food?

read more to find out why it is important to have your choice of foods in your diet.

5. Are you sleeping enough?

that’s not a diet related question but it is important for the people who is looking for weight loss.

6. Are you following diet for more than 6 or 8 weeks?

7. Are you following social media’s diet trend?(Answer should be NO!)

8. Are you Stress most of time due to work or anything?

9. You have some sort of medical condition and are you following a SPECIAL diet for that?

10. Are your weight loss goals realistic?

after answering all question, do you find any mistake you’re doing? if YES then that’s the number one weight loss mistakes you’re doing.

let’s see the solution for that one by one and find out the solution for the mistake you’re doing below.

How to Avoid Weight Loss Mistakes

The Number One Weight Loss Mistake You Shouldn't Do

1. Calorie deficit principle

You heard this all the time, all over the internet that you should follow calorie deficit diet in order to lose weight.

I know most of you know this and not doing this mistake.

but for beginner, let me explain.

so, your body needs some sort of maintenance calories based on your activity level.

if you want to lose weight, you’ve to eat less by reducing your calorie intake and you lose weight.

same can be said for the weight gain.

you can find out your maintenance calories here… it’s a great calculator.

however keep in mind that most calculators are not accurate so don’t rely on them completely.

after finding that just cut 200-300 calories for a week and see are you seeing any difference in your weight.

if YES, stick to that calories and if NO, cut 200-300 calories again and keep doing it until you found the calories which work for goal.

One thing to remember is not to eat less than 1400 calories daily and make sure you’re not losing more than 1-2 lbs per week.

if you do either or them, you’ve to consider changing the diet.

2. Enough protein in Diet

Most people know that having enough protein in diet has more importance than other things but have you ever measured it at the end of the day that are you having enough protein for your goals?

if NO, you should start measuring it.

Check out below image for best healthy protein source that you can add in your diet or eat in snacks.(Swipe to See Full Post)

There are lot of studies that say if you diet doesn’t have enough protein, you will not have sufficient weight loss.

find this studies here…. if you’re a avid study reader like ME!

3. Healthy fats

There are tones of people who still thinks that if you eat fat during fat loss then you will not lose weight.

I don’t know why they think like that but My clients always have enough fats in their diet.

Healthy fats play very important role when it comes to controlling hormone balance.

They also helped you to work your organs properly.

There are studies which shows that if you eat high fat diet but in the calorie deficit you will lose weight, like keto diet.

4. Importance of having favorite food in diet

The Number One Weight Loss Mistake You Shouldn't Do

I believe this should be the number one reason why people fail to follow certain weight loss diet.

they add what people says like negative calorie foods.

You eat those food and you will lose weight. why?? just because they have less than zero calories. WTF!!!

if you add what people say or even sometime what you personal trainer say you will likely to fail at the diet.

You have to tell your PT what you like or not foods. so they can make a proper diet for you.

if you’re making diet by all yourself, then first find out which HEALTHY food you like to eat and then go for the calorie deficit principle.

No matter if you’re on calorie deficit, if you’re eating unhealthy foods or foods that you don’t like, you will not follow that diet for a longer period of time…

… and it is the one of the most important things when it comes to having success in weight loss diet.

So add those food in diet which are your favorite and high in protein.

Read More Weight Loss Diet: How to Start the Correct Way(3 Actionable Tips)

5. Enough Sleep

Most people(I means you may be included!), ignore sleep when it comes to any fitness goals.

There are many studies which shows that if you’re not sleeping enough or your body don’t recover from all of the load that you’ve all day long then you’ve likely chances of weight gain.

There are some recommendation by sleep associations for any type of fitness goal or in general.

6. Dieting for 6-8 weeks

if you believe that following diet or 1 week or even 1 month sometimes will lose you weight then you may be wrong.


Because you have to have patience, if you want healthy weight loss.

You may have some weight loss in the first week but it will be the water for the most time.

If you’re doing all right and not thinking much about weight loss, you will see some significant changes in your body within 4 weeks at least.

7. Social Media Diet Trend

The Number One Weight Loss Mistake You Shouldn't Do

if you dig internet for the different diet type then you will find plenty of it from the social media or from the people who made that diet popular.

You may have seen some post on internet like eat this drink and lose this amount of weight in one week OR I follow this diet and lose xxx amount of weight in one week.

BE AWARE! this are self-made diet and won’t last for long.

Only one thing will last which is calorie deficit.

if you see below image you will find the all popular diets have one thing common which is calorie deficit.

You can try all shortcuts for the weight loss or tips/tricks for weight loss that you found on the internet…

…but you’re wasting your time and money sometime.

Now if you visited those fad diet sites or anything related to it, they have many testimonials that by following this diet, this person lose this amount of weight.

You may be thinking that if so many people have result after following this diet, I should try it because this diet works for others.

I don’t know about you but many times I contact these people who follow this diet and have some significant changes in few weeks…

…they said that they have success after following this diet but after some months, they regain all the weight they lose during following that diet.

We don’t want that right?? do we??

That’s why I suggest you to follow diet which is made by certified professional fitness trainer or if you’re making by yourself you don’t try any trick or tips for that.

8. Stress

Stress has direct or indirect relation with gaining weight.

There are few studies which proved this already. check them out here.

if you’re stressing lately, you will ended up with the binge eating which is some sort of eating disorder and it’s NOT good.

I do walking when I’ve a stress. so just go to walk or do any kind of exercise because it will help you to relieve that stress and you won’t do anything that harm your weight loss progress.

9. Medical condition

If you’re having medical condition like PCOS, thyroid, Asthma or Allergies and In-tolerances, you’ve to follow special type of diet for that particular medical condition.

Although you’re on the calorie deficit when you’re following any type of diet, but that will affect your medical condition and will lead you to the hospital.

So, make sure to consult with the doctor or certified dietitian when started following weight loss diet, if you’re having some sort of medical conditions.

10. Realistic weight loss goals

The Number One Weight Loss Mistake You Shouldn't Do

This is very important.

If you think that I will eat very less like 1200 calorie HEALTHY diet, and lose 10lbs in a week then you’re wrong.

Although you’re eating HEALTHY in terms of foods but you’re eating way less than what recommend by the health associations.

So make sure you never eat less than 1400 calories and have some realistic goals like 5lbs in a month or may be 10 lbs depend on your weight.

What’s NEXT!

These are some of the most important things in which people do mistake, if you’re not doing any of those mistake then you should try changing some stuffs like…

fats, calories and protein in your diet.

However, I never seen a person who follow all these tips and still don’t lose weight.

If you’re HERE for just finding the reason why you’re not losing weight then it’s not worth to read this article.

Because you have to take action to lose weight, you’ve to find your mistake in order to lose weight.

No one is succeed in the first try of weight loss until and unless they have done their homework before.

So go and do your homework and take ACTION.

let me know which mistake are you doing while you following weight loss diet and do you try similar solution as mine or unique solution.

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