When to Start Losing Weight For Wedding

When to Start Losing Weight For Wedding

There is one friend of mine who wants to lose weight before her wedding, as I’m her best friend and personal trainer she asked me when I should start focusing on my diet and exercise to lose weight especially for weddings.

Below is the exact answer I told her…

“There is no exact time to start your weight loss diet for the wedding. It all depends on how much time you have, how much weight you want to lose and few other factors as well.”

As you read further, I will walk you through the different scenarios where I explained in depth about when you should start losing weight for your wedding.

So, let’s not waste time and click an amazing photo of yours in a wedding dress.

Should You Lose Weight For Your Wedding?

I believe the only reason why anyone wants to lose weight for their wedding is just because they want to look good when they see their photograph after the wedding.


They want to look awesome for the wedding.

I get your feeling but just think for a sec and say that apart from your  partner do you think anyone will care about how you look?

I know this sounds a little bit awkward but just think why you should lose weight ESPECIALLY for a wedding when no one really cares about it.

Ofcourse, you can lose weight after the wedding but trust me, no one really cares about it. 

The only reason why you should lose weight for your wedding is that your partner wants it or you are really desperate to lose it.

If that’s the reason you should lose weight otherwise NEVER do something just because what other people think about it.

When should I Start Losing Weight For My Wedding?

She told me “Vinit, I get it that I wanna lose weight just because my partner told me to look a little bit good but when should I start it?”

Now in Krisha’s case, she wants to lose around 10kg and she has 3 months.

If we took her example, it is completely possible to lose 10kg weight in 3 months with the proper calorie deficit diet and exercises.

This is the only one scenario but there are plenty of people with different circumstances, so what about them?

Before seeing that let’s see what influence your weight loss

  • Calorie Intake
  • Time
  • Consistency
  • Workout
  • Food(very little influence)

The most influential factor out of this is top 3, if you are not able to follow it, it is difficult to lose 10kg of weight for Krisha or anyone in 3 months.

Now there are some common scenarios like how can I lose weight in 3, 6, 9 or 12 months of my wedding? Let’s dissect each of them!

Lose Weight in 3 months of my Wedding?

It is certainly possible to lose 10kg of weight in 3 months but what about 20, 30, 40 or 50kg?

Can you lose 50kg weight in 3 months? 

Well, I would say, you can lose 30kg in 3 months using the help of a professional certified dietitian and nutritionist but without it, it will be super hard for you to try to lose 30kg of weight in 3 months?

Now, if you don’t want to go with the dietitian and lose weight around 30kg alone can you do it?

According to this article from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, a healthy weight loss is 1-2lbs per week, that is equivalent to 0.5 to 1kg per week.

In order to lose 30kg weight in a healthy way, you will need approx 20-30 weeks which is around 5-8 months.

Now you have only 3 months! Then how would you lose 30kg weight in 3 months alone?

That’s where dietitians and nutritionists come in.

If you follow advice from a certified dietitian and nutritionist, you are able to lose 30kg of weight in 3 month with the healthy way.

This is about 30kg weight but what more than it and you only have 3 months?

The one rule to keep in mind while thinking about starting to lose weight for your wedding is how much time you have and how much weight you want to lose?

If you have enough time for the weight you want to lose you can easily do that but if not, it will be hard to lose weight even with the help of a dietitian and nutritionist.

Lose weight For Wedding in 6 Months

Like I said, if you have less weight to lose, you can lose it in 2,3,4,5 or 6 months but what about 100kg can you lose  it in 6 months?

The one word answer: “NO

Some of you may think that I have enough time for the weight I want to lose, how can I do that without any help from RD?

If you follow the below steps, you can easily lose weight within the allowed time frame.

Step 1: Find your maintenance calories for your goal(Weight loss)

I know you heard this by now but trust me this is the most important step for your weight loss journey, and ofcourse you can lose weight without counting calories but I would not go with that approach If I want to lose weight for my wedding.

Read In depth articles about how to do it HERE.

There are many things when it comes to finding calories and macros and I’m sure you will find all things in the article.

Step 2: List down all of your favourite foods along with the healthy and high in protein foods.

This step is very important when it comes to diet sustainability. We don’t want our diet to be super strict and difficult to continue it for a long time.

If your diet has what you like and you’re free to eat anything that you want(P.S. your weekly calorie should be equal although you eat more than what you need on one day), you will be more likely to follow it for a long period of time.

Step 3: Go to the supermarket, buy all the food you need for a week and do meal prep.

Meal preparation is the most underrated when it comes to weight loss success. 

I saw many people eat junk or fast food just because they do not have anything healthy to eat.

Many of you may be thinking how many meals you should eat and how many calories should each meal have?

One thing I want to say here is do what works for you!

You can eat 8 times a day and still lose weight and I see people following one meal a day diet plan and losing weight.

So, what’s really important is the amount of calories you eat at the end of the day.

Just you explain…

Eat 3 main meal(Breakfast, lunch, and dinner) with high calories

1 Snake with Low calorie and 

1 post workout drink 

So, this is the simplest way to organise your meal prep.

But which recipe should I make Vinit?

The only thing I want to say here is just make whatever you want to make but keep in mind that it has a high amount of protein, moderate amount of carbs and low amount of fat.

That’s it!

If you think about this all too much then you will end up with confusion.

What I would suggest you, just start your diet and search for the answer where you’ve any difficulty.

Step 4: Do exercise at least 3x a week

I know your wedding is near and you have very little time to workout or no time to workout, but I suggest just train your full body 3 times a week.

You should also focus on increasing your NEAT!

Step 5: Rinse and Repeat

Join some like minded community from the Reddit to answer your question and to support you all the way to your weight loss goal.




Lose weight For Wedding in 1 year

I don’t know who is reading this section but you guys are really lucky that if you want to lose weight and thinking about 1 year before your wedding.

You guys have plenty of time to lose weight but if you want to lose more than 100kg, just consider visiting a dietitian once.

However, you can still follow what I’ve said above but in the case of you, you need someone who is there to take care of all of your answers.

How to Lose Weight Fast for Wedding

If you are a person who wants to lose weight fast as you don’t have much time left for your wedding, I would say just think about why you want to lose weight for your wedding?

If you want to lose weight for yourself, just visit any dietitian or nutritionist near you and they will take care of it.

Just remember that you can lose weight fast if and only if there is someone progressional to guide you otherwise a regular gym goer or an information available online to lose weight fast can’t help you.

I say once and say it again PLEASE VISIT to any professional for fast weight loss otherwise you will not lose weight and waste your time as well.

How can I lose Belly Fat Before My Wedding?

One of the reasons why people want to lose weight is the belly, they want to hide or reduce their belly for the wedding.

And that’s fine!, 

But there is no way or no person can help you to do spot reduction.

If you want to lose belly fat before your wedding, you have to start your weight loss journey, right now!

What’s NEXT!

My work is complete here and your work has started, just think about why you want to lose weight for your wedding and if you found an answer for yourself then start your weight loss journey immediately.

One very important thing I want to say here is don’t try to research too much about weight loss and losing weight fast as there is a lot of information out there on the internet and much of the information can harm your body in certain ways.

So, just start with the basic steps and look for the answer in the reddit communities.

Doubts? Thoughts? Comments? Drop them Below!

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