The Complete Shoulder Workout Routine for Women

The Complete Shoulder Workout Routine for Women

Shoulder, it is one of the very first things most people see when they see you.

In order to look bigger and bolder, you need a broad and bigger shoulder. But is the shoulder workout for women and men different?

No!Every woman can do any workout that has been done by men.

So How do women get broad and capped shoulders to look beautiful in front of others.

To give you a little bit of a glimpse about workout, here is the exercise only, read further to find out the number of reps you should be doing.

Shoulder Press: 3 Sets of X

Lateral Raise: 4 Sets of X

Cable Lateral Raise: 2 Sets of X

Reverse Deck Fly: 4 Sets of X

Upright Row: 3 Sets of X

Strugs: 3 Sets of 

As you read further, you will find out everything you need to know about shoulder workout, not for women but men as well because there is NO difference between workout when it comes to gender(Keep this in Mind😋!)


Now, There are two kinds of warm-up, and I’m not talking about static and dynamic warm-up here.

I’m talking about body part specific(which very few people do!) and full body warmup(which we do before every workout.).

I presume that you’ll do full body warmup before the workout, if not follow this video to know what to do for warm-up.

If I’m talking about shoulder specific warm-up then there is one warm-up drill, I liked the most which is YTWL.

Apart from the YTWL, most of the time I do this shoulder warm-up before my shoulder workout.

Make sure you do YTWL and shoulder warm-up before starting doing shoulder workout.

Go and see this video to understand how you can do YTWL perfectly and properly for shoulders. 

Best Shoulder Exercises for Gym

Now, as you have done with the shoulder warm-up, it’s time to do a workout, but I don’t know much exercises for shoulders, Vinit!

These are the best shoulder exercises you can do for the shoulder, however, just keep in mind that there are plenty of other exercises you can do at the gym, home, with dumbbells, barbells and resistance bands.

So, if you want to do them, just incorporate them into your routine.

Now, there are a total of 3 parts of the shoulder excluding the trap, and I’m going to show you two exercises for each part.

Shoulder exercise for front Deltoids

  • Seated Military Press
  • Incline Press

Shoulder Exercises for Middle Deltoids

  • Lateral raise
  • Band Face Pull

Shoulder Exercises for Rear Deltoids

  • Bent Over Rear Delt Raise
  • Band Face Pull

Upper Traps Exercise

  • Barbell Shrug
  • Cable Lateral Raises

For some fitness nerds like me, you can go through this article to understand why these are the best exercise for the shoulder.

P.S. Just keep in mind there are no best or top exercises for any muscle group, these are the BEST exercises for shoulder based on EMG data of the study.

As you can see there are few exercises that you may and may not know how to do, so just go here and search the name of the exercise to find the tutorial of it.(Happy searching!😊)

Shoulder Workout

Now you know the exercise and you’ve done half the work but there are two things you should know before doing any kind of workout, which is exercise volume aka number of sets and workout frequency aka how many times you workout.

If you want to build muscle, you should apply enough mechanical load and stress through the number of sets.

There are recommendations for the ideal shoulder sets for muscle hypertrophy which is around 16-22 sets per week.

If you want to read more about maintenance shoulder workout volume and more, go through this article.

When it comes to workout frequency, it’s up to each and every one, choose one workout frequency and stick to it for better.

For most women, training muscle groups like shoulder, chest, back, arms for once a week is enough, so we stick to that.

As we know that we have to do a total number of shoulder sets between 16-22 in order to grow them. SO I would go with the 19 sets for shoulders including front delt exercises.

I don’t know whether you people need to know or not but, most of the time, many people have awesome front shoulder development but they’re lacking with the rear delts.


Because oftentimes when they train their chest, they also train front shoulders(which I explained in this article), and that’s why I don’t like training front shoulders separately in the shoulder workout.

So I’m not going to include exercise for that in this workout.

ExerciseLateral RaiseBand Face PullReverse Deck FlyUpright RowStrugs

So that’s all for shoulder workout, but keep in mind that you can do many things with this shoulder workout like increase the number of sets based on your fitness level or increase/decrease reps and so on.

Shoulder Workout For Women At Home

When it comes to any workout, if our gym is closed or we can’t go to the gym like covid-19 scenario, the very first thing that comes to our mind is can we do shoulder workout at home? Or back or chest?


Well, you can literally do any workout at home but it will come with some limitations like less exercise, you’ve to implement advanced techniques and so on.

But let’s see which shoulder exercise you can do with minimum equipment.

  • Pike Push-ups
  • Cable/Water Bottle Lateral raise 
  • Bent over Water Bottle raise
  • Strugs

As you can see there are not many shoulder exercises that you can do at home 

Now in order to make a home workout plan for the shoulder, what you can do is increase the number of reps for each set and try to focus on the eccentric part of it for more intensity.

Superset For Shoulder Workout

One thing many people asked me at the gym which shoulder exercise I can do for superset.

Well, you can do barbell overhead press + behind the neck press, you can do shoulder front raise + lateral raise or you can do shoulder front raise + 25 sec 10lb plate hold.

Check out the table below for more shoulder super sets.

Super-sets For Shoulder
Overhead press + Behind the neck press
Overhead press + Dumbbell front raise
Dumbbell Front raise + 25 sec plate hold
Dumbbell Front raise + lateral raise
Pyramind training with these supersets

One thing you may notice that I didn’t mention is the number of sets and reps, the reason behind that is you can do whatever sets and reps you want to do but make sure to do between 16-22 for muscle building.


Q: What are capped shoulders?

A: Capped shoulders are like perfect symmetrical and shaped shoulders

Q: how to broaden shoulder at home

A: Like I said, it would be hard to build broad and capped shoulders at home, but you can train them continuously each and every week and they will eventually broaden.

Q: How Do I Tone my shoulders?

A: There is no word like “Tone” or “Toning”, all you have to do muscle building. If you want to tone your shoulders, do exercise, if you want to tone your upper back, do exercises that’s it. For losing weight, focus more on the diet!😁

What’s NEXT!

Now, you pretty much understand what you have to do for shoulder workout.

So, my work is finished here, go and choose your exercises from the best shoulder exercises and make a shoulder workout for you!

Doubts? Thoughts? Comments? Drop them Below!

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