How to Maintain Weight Without Counting Calories - The Ultimate Guide

How to Maintain Weight Without Counting Calories

There are many obstacles when it comes to losing weight but you will find it more difficult when there is a time to maintain weight that you lose after so much hard work.

In the past, Many of my clients came to me after the desired weight goal they achieved and asked how I maintain my current weight without counting calories and all other stuff.

In order to maintain your weight without counting calories, all you have to do is focus on your intuition along with learn how to do portion measurement for weight loss. In portion guide, you don’t have to measure anything, just measure protein, carbs and fat intake based on your hand size.

As you read further, I will explain why successful dieters are able to maintain their weight after weight loss with or without counting calories.

How Do Bodybuilders Lose Weight Without Counting Calories?

Before you know how to maintain your weight without calorie counting, do you know from where this approach came?

It came after people saw that there are many bodybuilders who lose weight and gain muscles but never count calories.

Many people start doing it, few have tasted the success, while few fail.

The reason behind bodybuilders able to do it successfully is they are following diet plans for fat loss and muscle gain for years now.

By now, they know their body better than any other do and they also know how much they should eat for every food without noting down anything or counting anything.

This all comes from the intuition they have and it will take time to understand how they do in real life but when you become experienced, you will not also count calories.

When anyone starts doing gymming and becomes a bodybuilder, they start with like you who count calories to achieve a goal and as they progress they stop doing it because they know many many things about diet and nutrition.

Maintain Weight Without Gaining Weight

You lose 30 lbs!


But now you want to maintain your dream body and weight for the rest of your life, how are you gonna do it?

This is where the real problem comes, most people nowadays know how to lose weight or maintain weight but they are not able to do it because they don’t have someone to guide them all the way from start to end.

So, here are some tips that you can follow without gaining weight.

P.S. You may have heard a few tips from below but how many of it you’re following. Without doing it, you can’t achieve anything!

Tip 1: Focus on your ONLY Daily calorie intake and Protein

Many people tell you that you should measure carb and fat intake as well but trust me if your calorie and protein intake is near to what you need daily, you’re going to maintain your weight

Tip 2: Do exercise at least 3 times a week

Exercise is very important no matter what is your goal.

I agree that now you have very little time to exercise but just focus on doing 3x a week.

I’m not saying do resistance training, you can do yoga, walking, running, swimming or bicycling.

Tip 3: Don’t restrict yourself too much

Restricting yourself at the party will turn into the binge eating night.

Whenever you want to eat something, just eat but ask yourself one question: does your body really need it?

There is a very thin line of difference between “wants” and “needs”.

Tip 4: Turn off Your Restrictions

I saw many times people doing something on their phone while eating and trust me you will never know how much more or how less you eat if you don’t get your focus out of the mind.

Tip 5: Focus on Weekly Weight Check-ins and Plan Your next week based on the Weight

We measure our weight every week, while following a weight loss diet but for maintaining your weight, you have to do something else after measuring weight.

If your weight increases too much like 5 to 10lbs just plan your next 1 or 2 weeks to maintain your weight again.

Tip 6: Enjoy Your Diet while on trip or on a vacation

I know why you searched on google!

Because you’re going on a vacation or you achieve your weight loss goal.

If you’re planning for a trip, just don’t focus on diet and nutrition, enjoy your vacation and manage it when you come back home.

Do You Have to Count Calories to Maintain Weight?

As I said in tip 1 that focuses on daily calorie and protein intake so you must be wondering, do you have to count it? Right?

The Answer is NO!

If you’re following any diet for a long time now, by now you know many things about diet and nutrition like calories in yogurt or protein in chicken breast stuff like that.

What I’m trying to say here is use your intuition that you learn from your previous dieting experience.

Another way to do it is portion guide, however, compared to calorie counting you have to do counts with your hands only.

So if you find it easy for you, you can do that as well.

Read this in-depth article about how to portion counting with your hand.

Best Way to Lose Weight Without Counting Calories

To be honest, when people ask me about “THE BEST WAY” to do something in fitness, my mind gets blown away.

The reason is there is no best way or best thing in fitness or for losing weight.

You want to lose weight without counting calories then just don’t count and use your intuition power that you developed over the year of dieting.

As I said you can use intuition power or portion guide, it’s up to you.

You can try either of them and see what works for you, for me intuition power works more.

So, whenever I don’t want to count my calories, I use my intuition power.

What’s NEXT!

You must be wondering that I’m telling you to use intuition for the whole article, then how you’re gonna build it.

If you’re a beginner and want to lose weight without counting calories, go with the portion guide but if you achieve your goal, then you have the intuition power.

Doubts? Thoughts? Comments? Drop them below!

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