Why You're Losing Weight Everywhere Except Stomach?

Why Are You Losing Weight Everywhere Except Stomach?

We as a Human want to lose weight but when we’re able to lose weight but there is one part that seems not losing, which is Stomach or belly fat in most cases.

The main reason behind why you’re not able to lose your stomach or belly fat is either you’re not following your diet for a long period of time as stomach fat is a kind of fat which goes at last. So, if you’re following a diet for more than 6 months now, then there are chances that your stomach fat is gone, depending on your body fat percentage.

Apart From this, hormone imbalance can also hinder your progress in reducing belly fat, although you’re following a proper diet.

As you read further, you will know How to get rid of that extra belly fat that you have along with how someone is losing weight although they are doing nothing!

Losing Weight Everywhere Except Stomach

Before telling you a few more reasons why you’re not losing weight from the stomach although you lose weight from the back, arms and from the thigh, I want to tell you that genetics play a huge role in how your body will look.

If your parents or grandparents have a shape like an apple, your body’s shape will also like an apple but it can be changed through hard work and dedication.

So I already give you one reason which is Genetics and you can’t change it except following a diet for a long period of time and getting rid of that stomach.

The second most important reason is you’re not following your diet for a long period of time.

Your body will take time to lose weight and fat, which depends on your diet, workout, hormone level, body composition and so on…

If you’re following a diet for more than 6 months now and not losing fat from your stomach then you need to think about your diet plan.

But if you’re not following it for more than 6 months now and thinking about this then you need to seriously focus on your goals, not on other things.

One thing I really want to mention here is that your stomach fat is a type of fat which comes first and goes in last.

Sometimes many people are struggling to lose fat from their belly and that’s fine, they will lose eventually if they follow diet plans consistently. 

As gaining weight takes time like that losing weight will take time.

So, give your body enough time and see how it reacts.

IF it reacts negatively, you have to change your diet plan or do some changes in your exciting diet plan.

Can You Lose Weight Only in Your Stomach?

First thing first, there are many people on the entire planet earth who want to lose weight and buy products like this and this to lose weight.

But, have you ever wondered why they work? 

The reason why they work is because those supplements force you to eat very less, aka calorie deficit mode and that’s why you lose weight.

Having supplements for losing weight, it’s ok but keep in mind that you will regain all the weight you lose within 1 or 2 months, if you don’t take care of your nutrition.

However, whatever supplement in the market tells you that this will lose your stomach? Then it’s 100% false.

You can’t do spot reduction, it is impossible and opposite to what science says

No matter what others are saying, you can’t lose fat only from your stomach.

So what do you do to lose weight from the belly?

First of all, change your mindset from losing weight from stomach to losing weight from overall body.

In order to lose weight or fat from your stomach / belly, even from your face, you have to follow calorie deficit principles for a long period of time.

Why am I Losing Weight But Not Doing Anything?

There is a time when someone approaches me on social media and asks me like I’m doing nothing, I just eat healthy at my maintenance calorie and do 3x a week light intensity exercise but still I’m losing weight.

So basically she was not doing anything for what others do specifically for weight loss, but still she was losing weight.

Now why is that?

The number one reason behind why someone loses weight without doing anything is hormones.

Hormones are so powerful that they can do whatever they want with our body’s weight.

If your life becomes very stressful lately, you should watch that and change the hormone level by doing something happy.

I believe that hormones can influence our body’s weight but there are times when a person is eating less but they really think they are not eating less and vice-versa.

I wanna give one example here, which is My Mom!

She is eating 4 times a day including snacks but sometimes she loses weight and the reason is she eats more serving of veggies and fruit which is high on the satiety index.

So just check your daily routine with the help of dairy and see what you do and what you eat and most importantly how much you eat?

How to Lose Fat Only in My Stomach?

9 out of 10 people join gym just because they want to lose fat from their stomach.

I admit that oversize stomachs do not look good infront of other people but focusing on other things will help you the most when it comes to losing fat from your stomach.

Now How do you lose belly fat? Create Calorie Deficit, Done!

Hold on a Sec! ~ that’s what you said?

You don’t know the calorie deficit?

Although I explain many times here, allow me one more time for you guys to explain.

In order to lose weight, you have to burn more energy than what your body consumes through food.

When you subtract the amount of energy that is burned by your body through workout and other amounts of energy you consume, that’s called the calorie deficit.

You create the calorie deficit!

it is the ONE SINGLE THING that EVER causes fat to be lost from ANY part of the body.

If you don’t want to do that, it’s ohk many people find it’s hard to do and more importantly follow it for a long period of time, you can consider drinking this and this supplement and gain double the amount of weight you lose in a few months.

Look, I know losing weight is hard but you can do it if you have someone who knows everything, what I mean by that is someone who just doesn’t give you a meal plan and is fed away. I mean someone who changes your eating pattern, your relationship with food and so on.

IF you want to lose weight and keep it off for the rest of your life, a calorie deficit is the only way or you can consume those so called weight loss supplements that promise to lose weight because you drink their supplements.

P.S. You’re not losing weight here just because you’re consuming that weight loss supplement, you’re following an extreme weight loss diet plan by creating a large calorie deficit which is not recommended by any certified personal trainers.

What’s NEXT!

Lastly, what I really want to say is just check yourself for one day and observe what you do throughout the day and I know you will find your answer at the end of the day.

Losing weight is really hard for many people but the people who successfully lose weight are those who have patience.

Focus on Diet and Workout and Your body will do the magic!

Doubts? Thoughts? Comments? Drop Them Below!

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