Can Walking Everyday Helps You Lose Weight?

Can Walking Everyday Helps You Lose Weight?

“Start walking everyday if you want to lose weight” – that’s the advice I got when I first started my weight loss journey.

You can certainly lose weight by walking but it will take years for you to lose some pounds. However, following a weight loss diet can really help you to boost this process and help you lose weight faster compared to only walking.

Although exercise plays a role in any fitness goal, when it comes to weight loss goals you have to focus much on the diet rather than the exercises.

In this article, we will see how you can lose weight just by walking if and only if you follow your calorie deficit diet(weight loss diet!).

Weight Loss Through Walking

I’m not saying that you can’t lose weight through walking but very intense exercise like dead lifts, squats, bench press burn somewhat similar amounts of calories which you burn through walking.

As I said earlier, you should focus more on the diet when it comes to lose weight but you should also do some kind of light intensity exercise in order to prevent loose skin and other effects.

Let’s compare how many calories you burn by walking with the exercise you’re doing in the gym.

Suppose, Person A has below body composition detail(P.S: Made up numbers!)

Weight: 170lbs

Height: 5ft 10Inch

Body fat: 17.5%

Walk at 2mph for 30 minutes

Doing Normal Exercise for 30 minute

Now there are some online calculators which show you how many calories you burned for each aerobic and anaerobic exercise but I prefer to use this one as the site is reputable and their calculators are also more accurate than any other website on the internet.

If we look at scenario 1 where he just walked for a half an hour at 2mph, he burned 119 calories, but when we look at scenario 2 where he does normal resistance training at the gym for 30 minutes he burned 200 calories.

As You can see there is not any massive difference in the calories person A burned for half an hour.

But let’s not include walking and resistance training in scenario three.

Any normal human being does regular housework like washing, cleaning, gardening all that stuff by which we also burn some calories.

Let’s include them and see which activity burned more calories for 30 minutes.

Housework: 145 calories

Sitting(Office): 65 calories

Lying: 51 calories

Total: 261 calories

If we total all the regular activity we’re doing everyday compared to walking and resistance training at the gym with the amount of calories each burned, regular activity burned 54.4% and 23.37%  more calories than walking and exercises respectively.

As you can notice that our body burns more calories than any type of training.

Now there are some circumstances where exercises burned more calories but overall regular household activity wins.

One important thing though, there is no instrument/calculator/watch/app that can show you the exact amount of calories you burned by doing certain exercises.

I use as I found it is the most accurate one and reliable one, you can check with other sites and apps if you want.

Now you know that you burn more calories through regular activity but doing walking, resistance training, cardio, swimming or playing any outdoor sports always comes with an advantage.

If you have time, I would suggest you to not only walk but also do ANY kind of resistance training where you put your muscle under some stress will be helpful.

Regular Walking VS Brisk Walking

By now you know that walking can help you to lose weight UPTO certain extent but which type of walking you should do because there are many different ways from where you can do walking like regular, brisk walking, walking on slippery land etc.

If you’re very new to exercise, I would suggest you buy these shoes(BEST for all types of walking) and start with regular walking for 1 mile a day.

You can also go with the number of steps metric but I prefer mile or kilometer as a measurement.

From there, you can increase when you feel like I can easily walk 1 mile without out of breath.

There are many different ways to do progression in walking like any other resistance training exercises.

But what I chose after I’m able to walk 10 miles a day, I start with brisk walking.

Now if you’re new to all this, you don’t know about what is brisk walking.

Let me simplify for you!

Brisk walking is very similar to the regular walking but there is only one difference which is the elevation of your heart rate.

When you do brisk walking your heart rate is always high, not like a regular walking.

One mistake most people I believe do, is either they walk too slow or too fast compared to 4 miles per hour and think that they are doing brisk walking which is not true!

You should just remember that you have to walk slightly faster than regular walking.

Check out the graphic below to understand the correct way to do brisk walking.  

Can Walking Everyday Helps You Lose Weight?

Lose Belly Fat By Walking

When I first told her that I wanna start doing exercise to lose my belly fat, do you know what she told me?

She said “first start by walking!”

I mean, yes that will help to lose fat but it won’t help you lose fat from the belly.

There is NO exercise/supplement/diet in fitness that can help you to lose fat from the belly or any other body part of yours.

There are plenty of studies which already proved that you can’t do spot reduction(Belly fat in our case) with any exercise or any routine.

However, there is still some possibility you can do spot fat reduction but under very tight circumstances and that’s why I suggest you to not go that way.

How Much Do You Have to Walk to Lose Weight?

Now the real question, Vinit, how much should I walk to lose weight?


How much should I have to walk to lose 10lbs.

Well, the answer is very simple, that’s depend.

That depends on tons of factors like your body fat, muscle mass, weight and any other factors.

Because of these factors, you can’t tell the exact number to lose weight. Even if two people have the same body composition and do walking for a month, they will not likely lose the same weight.

I would suggest that don’t focus on how much, focus on increasing your distance every week by 1 mile along with a proper weight loss diet.

You can read this article on how much do you really need to walk for weight loss by MyFitnessPal, where they talked about various circumstances.

Walking to Lose Weight Plan

You will find tons of walking progression plans but I’m sure you won’t find any plan which helps you to lose weight by walking from the very beginning to end.

You can follow this plan blindly or take an inspiration from that and make one for yourself. I would go with the later option.

Check out the graphic below!

What’s NEXT!

If you are still reading, well done! Now you know how walking can help you to lose weight.

However, I can’t stress more that diet plays a major role if you want to do weight loss.

Any type of resistance exercise works for weight loss as long as you follow a weight loss diet plan. If you don’t want to have side effects of not doing exercise, you should start doing proper exercises with a proper workout plan.

Make sure to share your thoughts about the article in the comments!

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