Is It Possible to Lose Weight By Diet Only

Is It Possible to Lose Weight By Diet Only

There are two types of people when it comes to losing weight: one is thinking about doing ONLY exercise to lose weight, while another person is thinking about following ONLY diet to lose weight.

But the real question is which is more effective to lose weight and which is possible?

Losing weight through diet is certainly possible as how much you eat when you want to lose weight is more important than how much you do exercises. Diet can help you to consume way less calories than you burned using exercises only. So, if a person can’t perform resistance training every day, it is completely possible to lose weight by diet only when you perform energy balance principle.

In this article, we’re going to see how you are able to lose weight using diet only along with how it is possible to do weight loss without even doing exercises.

Diet is 80 Percent of Weight Loss

Many of you have heard by now that no matter what your fitness goal, you have to follow 80/20 or 70/30 or 75/25 rules.

Here, 80-75-70% shows the percentage of diet you should follow and 30-25-20% shows the percentage of exercise you should do.

Let’s see why people suggest doing this way, not the other way!

If we look at your TDEE(Total Daily Energy Expenditure) aka your maintenance calories, it consist of four other things which is BMR(Basal Metabolic Rate), NEAT(Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis), TEF(Thermic Effect of Food) and lastly EA(Exercise Activity)

Most of the part of TDEE comes from the BMR, and BMR basically means how many calories you burn during resting position. 

In other words, if you are typing on a keyboard, scrolling through social media feeds, cooking, washing, you’re burning calories.

On the other hand, the least part of TDEE comes from the EA, that means no matter how much exercise you’re doing you’re not burning as much calories compared to BMR.

When you’re not following any kind of weight loss diet but by chance when you eat less for a week, you will notice that you lose weight(P.S: You’re not doing any kind of exercise as well)

Now you just eat less in this period and not doing any exercises, still you lose weight.

Then How is this all happen?

Simple, it happens because you eat less(Calorie deficit mode) and you still use calories/energy for your regular activity from your body.

So, Most of the time your body burns more calories to do regular activities than you do exercise in the gym.

Now the one question that arrives in most people ‘s minds right now is if you can lose weight by following a diet only then why are there people who want weight loss to do exercises?

Most people do exercises when they are following a weight loss diet plan because if you don’t do ANY kind of resistance training during the weight loss phase, you will lose fat but you will not gain muscles.

As a result your body will end up with the loose skin from where weight loss happens.

Let’s take an example: Person A following weight loss diet without doing any kind of exercises for the 6-8 weeks and you achieved your weight loss goal but you ended up with some loose skin.

Now person B is doing the same but she is doing exercises 3 times a week and she also loses weight but her body has no loose skin.

Which way will you go?

IF you chose person A’s way, you’ve to again follow a diet plan and do workouts.

Now no one wants to waste time two times right?

How Do I lose Weight Through Diet Only

As most of you now know that it is possible to lose weight with diet only but how in the hell you can do that?

In order to achieve this read the step-by-step guide to do that

Step 1 Find your Maintenance calories(In Depth-Guide Here)

This is the most important step of your weight loss journey, you can’t go ahead without doing this.

Make sure to read the in-depth guide on how to measure maintenance calories if you don’t know.

In this guide, I also explain how to select macros for a weight loss diet plan. So give that article a read and then perform step 2.

Step 2 Select Healthy and Your Favorite Food, Meal Frequency

Now you know your maintenance calories, it’s time to select what food you’ll be eating on your weight loss diet plan.

The reason behind choosing your favourite food is if you eat ONLY healthy food not your favourite food or drink you will end up with frustration and stop following diet after a week or two.

I don’t want you to do that because following a diet consistently is still the most important thing when it comes to losing weight.

It is important to choose meal frequency that means how much meal you will consume throughout the day.

You do not need to count post-workout meals if you’re not performing any exercises.

Make sure to choose meal frequency based on your lifestyle and don’t go nuts if you eat more meals on one day.

Step 3 Prepare Your Meal for A Week

When I asked my Instagram Followers in weekly quiz stories, what do you do for meal prep? 

And most of them said NO!

The reason you eat something unhealthy or any snack you may come across is you don’t have a meal ready.

If you have a healthy meal ready to eat, would you choose to eat unhealthy meals? 

I know your answer!

That’s why meal prep is the important part of any weight loss diet plan.

Just go to the grocery on Sunday and buy all the foods you need in order to make all of your meals for a week(P.S: Make a list of foods before going to the grocery).  

Step 4 Focus on your Weekly Goal Calories

Goal Calories: calories you need to lose weight(Less than your maintenance calories).

What most of us do when we eat more than our goal calories on one day is go nuts and do overeating.

However, what you can do is eat less than your goal calories and focus on weekly calories.

If your weekly goal calories are the same you won’t increase weight but if you eat more on one day and continue it for the rest of the week your calories will be way beyond your goal calories which leads to weight gain.

Step 5 Do Light Intensity Exercises if possible(Optional)

This step is completely optional, you can skip it or do it!(I’ll go with the later option)

What I mean by light intensity exercises is doing push-ups, walking, taking stairs and all kinds of exercises.

These exercises will help you not have excess skin like the others who follow very low calorie diets and ended up with a lot of excess skin.

How much weight can you lose just by dieting?

It’s obvious to have this question but there is no formula to calculate how much weight you will lose just by dieting.

I believe there is not so much difference in the weight you lose when you are dieting with or without exercises.

The only difference I saw in my fitness experience is that you’ll not gain any muscle.

Many people said that if you make a 3500 calorie difference at the end of the week you will lose around 1lbs of fat but that’s not true. It’s a Myth!

Small Changes to lose Weight

There are few small changes you can do to lose weight which affects your weight tremendously. 

  • You can increase your NEAT(This will again help you to burn more calories)
  • Eating Fruits, vegetable and fiber rich foods.
  • Buy ready made healthy meals from online if you’re an extremely busy person.
  • Go on Walking/Hiking/Cycling on Morning
  • Doing Stretching or just 15 min warmup everyday in the morning.
  • Understand what is healthy food and what is bad food

These are my top small changes that any person can do to lose weight.

What’s NEXT!

Now, I really want to  clear one thing here, which is, it is certainly possible to lose weight by following any weight loss diet but doing exercise is also important when you’re following any diet.

I can’t see any reason far away to not do exercise when you’re on the diet, until and unless you’ve some kind of injury or you’re a super-busy person.

Now, Most of you know how it is possible to lose weight with diet only but you have to follow the steps that I recommended earlier in this article. So you don’t distract on your weight loss journey.

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