Is it Possible to Lose Weight by Going Through Plant Based Diet?

Is it Possible to Lose Weight by Going Through Plant Based Diet?

When we started our weight loss journey, most of us had this question: which diet is best for me and then when we discovered different types of diet plans, we thought, Can we lose weight by doing a XYZ based diet plan?

We’re going to check if we can lose weight on a plant based diet or not in this article.

There is no doubt that you can lose a sustainable amount of weight by going through a plant based diet but the real question is can it suit your lifestyle? If any diet that suits your lifestyle, you can lose weight using that diet.

It is obvious to have questions like this because we don’t want to waste our time and money if we can’t lose weight on certain diet plans.

Let’s see how you can lose weight by following a plant based diet.

Lose Weight by Going through a Plant Based Diet

When it comes to lose weight there is one thing that has paramount importance, which is


If you do this, no matter which diet plan are you following, you’re going to lose weight.

If we look at the below graphic, we can see how all diets work.

But there is nothing for a plant based diet!

So, let me tell you how a plant based diet works.

When you decide to follow a plant based diet, you can eat whatever you want but you have to consume more of the plant foods.

However, no matter how much plant based food you consume, you have to be in the calorie deficit.

One of the biggest advantages of a plant based diet is when you eat a lot of veggies and fruits in your meal, you will feel full fast compared to regular meals, which leads to less food intake than the regular meal.

There is another post on Instagram by @Biolayne that no matter what your diet type, if you follow it consistently you will lose weight.

I believe that following a diet consistently has more importance than a calorie deficit when it comes to losing weight.

If you want to lose weight, just select any diet that suits your life and then apply a calorie deficit and follow it for 6-8 weeks to see the results.

A lot of people argue that this and that diet is best for weight loss but in reality there is every diet best for a person if it suits their life.

How much weight can I lose on a Plant based Diet?

One question I heard a lot is how much weight will I be able to lose if I follow this diet plan? OR should I follow this diet plan if I want to lose 10+ lbs?

There is only one answer to all these questions, which is that there is no single person on planet earth who can tell you how much weight you will lose after following a certain diet plan.

There are some people who say that if you burn 3500 calories at the end of the week using either diet, exercise or both, you will lose 1kg of fat.

However, that’s not true. It is one of the fitness myths out of many!

I would say If you want to follow a plant based diet plan as it suits your lifestyle, you shouldn’t worry about how much weight you will lose as you will know it soon.

Just start following it!

Not losing weight on a Plant Based Diet?

A lot of people are having this problem that I’m following this diet but not losing weight, what could be the reasons?

No matter you’re following plant based or keto or paleo, if you’re not in calorie deficit there is no f*cking way in the world that can help you to lose weight.

There are many many many reasons apart from the calorie deficit but it is the number one reason you’re not losing weight on the plant based diet.

Many people send me DMs everyday and ask a question like that. I’m following the XYZ diet but not losing weight.

When I asked their whole day routine and how they eat, did they measure accurately and all, the answer is NO!

What happens most of the time is that a tiny spoon of peanut butter has more calories than 1 small apple.

Many times we as a human just eat that spoon as it is small and ready to eat but at the end of the day and week this small lookalike spoon’s calorie becomes 20000 calories.

So you have to understand that your small actions can hinder your weight loss journey.

Plant Based Weight Loss Before and After

I know it’s really hard to believe that this diet works or not without seeing some amazing transformations.

P.S: I take those transformation photos from the r/progresspics subreddit community. Check them out for more! 

Transformation 1

So her reddit name is daydreambynight and she is able to lose 60lbs in a year, that is equal to 5lbs a month and I must say it’s a great process.

She is also doing yoga everyday apart from following diet.

Transformation 2

Her reddit name is blarblarr. She is able to lose 40lbs in 6 months and blarblarr transformation story is very similar to the daydream by night.

She is also doing some light intensity exercises and yoga everyday.

Transformation 3

Her reddit name is adubzalex and she is able to lose 6lbs in 6 months. I know many of you who calculate that adubzalex is able to lose only 1lbs in one month and that’s way less weight loss than above two.

However, let me tell you that adubzalex is able to lose 3% body fat as well and it’s also a great achievement.

Transformation 4

Her reddit name is onemoreblue and she is able to lose 83lbs in 10 or 11 months or so.

She mostly ate a lot of oatmeal, veggies, potatoes, rice, beans.

What makes this transformation story so unique is she never counts calories.

Many people will tell you that you have to count calories and so you can see yourself if you’re having a hard time counting calories. You can skip that part and still lose weight.

What’s NEXT!

I know many of you came here for the answer and I answered your question(my work!), your work has started!

If you have any doubts, or need help, just drop me a DM Here!

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