Does Leg Workout Stop Your Growth(Height Specifically?)

Does Leg Workout Stop Your Growth(Height Specifically?)

“Don’t do Exercise, your height won’t increase!”

“Stop doing bodybuilding, your growth will stop!”

“Don’t squat and deadlift, they stop your growth!”

This is something you’ve been told by your seniors at the gym or the elders from your family?

There is no scientific evidence that proves that if you do certain exercise like leg exercise, or perform a certain type of sport like bodybuilding, your height will stop or your growth will stop. Your height and growth of the body totally depends on genetics and nutrition.

So, if your father, grandfather are smaller in height, there are more chances that your height will be less than someone whose grandfather is taller in height. 

And the same can be said for body growth, there is a limit when no matter how hard someone tries they are never able to grow more than that(I’m not talking about plateaus here, I’m talking about genetic potential.)

In this article, we are going to bust some myths around this and see if there is any workout or exercise that can stunt your growth, especially height.

Does Leg Day make you shorter?

So, I came across one YouTube video that said squat will make you shorter.

Now, I’ve been squatting for 5+ years now.

There are many many many great squatters in the world and they all do squat every other day and I’ve never seen someone who said their height is decreasing due to the leg workout.

Unfortunately, there is no evidence in the Scientific literature, but if you ask any professional Biomechnic that will apply axial loading to my body(basically doing horizontal pressing movement) will reduce my height.

And I bet 10/10 will say No!

Because your bones are not made to be suppressed, and there is only one thing that can band from the middle in the entire human body which is the spine right?

The person from the video said that if you do horizontal pressing movement, you’re pressing your spine too much and it will force your spine to bend, remember bones are not made to be suppressed.

So if you do squat, your body will look something like below, it will not actually reduce your height and so!

Does Leg Workout Stop Your Growth(Height Specifically?)

If your spine bends in the worst case scenario, there is a more chance of having spine injury than the stopping of height growth.

Which Exercise stops height?

Now, you know that leg exercise won’t stop your height then which exercise stops your height? 

Is it chest workout?

Is it back workout?

Which one, tell me Fast!

None of them!

If leg exercises are not stopping you from growing your height then how could any other exercise can do.

In fact, there are some people who said that doing leg workout can increase your testosterone production and ultimately it will help you to grow.

Now, testosterone and Human growth hormone(HGH) are not the same thing.

Testosterone can really influence your fat loss and muscle building process and HGH can really influence your height growth.

However, there is no exercise that can increase your HGH level, so if your age is 20 years and/or older, I’m sorry to say, you will not be able to grow your height more.

What Stops Growth in Height?

You may be wondering, ohk, exercise will not stop my height from growing so what stops my height from growing right?

The only answer is HGH, and in fact, you can’t control it because it’s your genetic potential.

You can give T-booster and grow muscles, but you can’t take synthetic  HGH and grow heights.

But keep in mind that HGH does not actually stop you from growing, you’re not able to produce more HGH is your genetic potential and because of that you’re not growing.

Does bodybuilding stops height growth?

When I started training bodybuilding style, my elder told me that stop bodybuilding, it will stop your height growth. Instead of that hang at something to increase your height. 

If we exclude myself, there are tens of thousands of people all around the world who do bodybuilding and never ever said that this thing stops my height growth.

And, this claim is so ridiculous that I can’t even know how to explain to you guys.

Does weight affect height?

Unfortunately, there is no scientific evidence to prove that the more weight you’ve in your teenage the more height growth stunt.

What I mean by that is if your weight is more than a regular teenager, then your other hormones which force you to eat more will stop the production of your Human growth hormone in your teenage years.

So, YES, if you’re a teenager then there are likely chances that your weight will affect your height, but if your weight is like any other teenager, your weight will not affect your height.

Just keep in mind that the only thing that affects your height growth is the production of human growth hormone. By any chance, if it’s production is reduced in your teenage years, you will not grow height as much as you should.

Does building muscle stop height growth?

One word answer!


Scientifically proven exercises to increase height

Now, you people know that there is nothing like in this entire world that can stop your height from growing(exception: your age must be less than 20 year), then which exercise can help you to increase your height.

Well, there are no scientifically proven exercises that can help you to increase height because increasing height totally depends on the production of the HGH like I said.

So, if your HGH production is less, no matter how much exercise you do, you will not grow your height.

However, there are some exercises you can do in the hope of increasing height.

  1. Dead Hang(Video)
  2. Pull-ups(Article)
  3. Lower body stretching (Video)

Keep in mind that these are not scientifically proven exercises to increase height, these are some exercises that most people suggest.

Don’t forget to measure your height before starting doing these exercises, and make sure to measure your height after one month.

What’s NEXT!

So, you know your answer, but you wanna grow your height so desperately right?

What you can do?

Sorry to say the truth, do nothing to focus on other important things in life.

Doubts? Comments? Thoughts? Drop them Below!

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