How Many Muscles You Should Train a Day - A Beginner Question

How Many Muscles You Should Train a Day

When it comes to building muscles or losing fat, it is quite obvious that every beginner has few questions that they want to answer!

For Muscle building, you have to train but how many muscles  or how many times a week?

If you are a beginner, start witht the full body workout for a few months which means training all muscle groups every single day, but make sure you train only 3-4 times a week because I want you to master form and have proper recovery.

Muscle building and losing weight is really hard if you don’t have proper knowledge, thus in this article, I will explain how much muscle you should train each day as a beginner and why I want you to do it like that!

Should I Workout Every Muscle in One Day?

When I started my fitness journey, I had many many many questions that needed to be answered to increase my knowledge and get a bigger body.

This one question specifically came to mind like you! Which muscles should I workout every day even though I’m a beginner?

The answer is You can train all of your muscles in one single day for 3-4 times a week, no matter what your fitness level, it could be beginner, intermediate or advanced as well.

However, like I said before, doing a full body workout 3-4 times a week in a row would be difficult for a beginner to have proper rest and recovery.

So, I just train you to do a full body workout for 2 days and then break and repeat the cycle until the end of the week.

But there are few more reasons many people start doing other workout splits like push/pull/leg or upper-lower workout and few more.

The reason behind that is this type of workout gives more flexibility for time and splitting exercise volume, which is most important for muscle builds.

Is it Bad to Workout Every Muscle in one Day?

Now, if you’re a beginner, then you probably think it is bad to train every muscle in one day for 7 times a week!

Well, you’re right, I’m not saying that training every muscle every single day, I would say in order to grow muscle rest and recovery has as much importance as exercise volume.

So, if you’re not taking enough rest, then there are few chances where you lose muscle and end up with an injury!

When you feel like that you don’t want to do a full body workout every day, you can try another workout split as most of the bodybuilding workout splits have one goal in common: Muscle Hypertrophy aka muscle growth!

How Many Days a Week I should Workout to Build Muscles

I don’t know your current fitness level but I presume that you’re at the beginner level.

Which is why, I would suggest you do a workout at least 3 or 4 times a week with proper rest.

Meanwhile, you have to learn a few things like progressive overload principle, mind muscle connection, proper form and a few more things….

As you increase your fitness level by ofcourse doing daily workouts and following a proper diet, you can do other workout splits as well.

One thing I really want to cover here is there is no strict number for how many days a week you should do workout for muscle growth but it is recommended by most personal trainers that doing 3-4 times a week is better than doing 1-2 times a week.


If you do workout 1-2 times a week, you can still build muscle but it will take some more time.

What Muscle Groups Should be Worked out Together?

There are few muscle groups that you can train along, the list is below!

  • Chest-Shoulder-Tricep
  • Chest-Back
  • Chest-Triceps
  • Back-Biceps
  • Biceps-Triceps
  • Back-Hamstring
  • Leg-Shoulder(Only few people train those muscle group together)

There are few obvious reasons to train those muscle groups together which I explained in this article where I wrote about can you workout chest and shoulder together?

In that article, I explained Why we train only those muscle groups together, no other combination. So if you’re interested, give that article a read!

What’s NEXT!

Now, you know how many muscles and how many times you should train them for a week along with the muscle group combination that you can train together!

Let me know how you are training right now? Are you doing full body workouts? If yes, do you take rest properly?

Apart from those Doubts? Thoughts? Comments? Drop Them Below!

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