How Many Exercises You Should Do On Chest Day?

How Many Exercises You Should Do On Chest Day?

The sole purpose of joining gym for today’s gym goers is to build massive chest and arms. But then there is a big question coming up at you like…

How much exercise for chest day?

How many sets and reps for each exercise and so on.

According to current scientific literature, you should do at least 2-3 compound exercises and 1-2 isolation exercises for any muscle group, it could be chest, back or legs. However, the number of sets and reps that you’re doing also affect how you will gain muscle mass in the chest.

As you read further, you will find why you should do this number of exercise and a sample chest day workout routine for you.

Number of Exercises You should Do For Chest Day?

If you’re a beginner, it is obvious to have questions like this and others like can I lose weight without diet or exercise and so on.

If you’re a beginner, it is very important that you know why you should do this number of exercises for the chest and other muscles.

Now when it comes to chest muscle, it has two main muscles, pectoralis major and minor.

How Many Exercises You Should Do On Chest Day?

Pectoralis minor means your upper chest and pectoralis major means your middle and lower chest.

If you want to have proper development of not only chest but back, leg or hamstring muscles, you have to train all of their muscle heads.

Now the chest has a total of two muscle heads, whereas the pectoralis major is big one and the pectoralis minor is smaller one.

You have to focus more on the pectoralis major(middle and lower chest). So do 2-3 exercises for it.

For pectoralis minor, one or two exercises is more than enough.

Now there are few different types of exercise; one is compound and another one is isolation exercises.

Your middle and lower chest is larger than your upper chest so you have to do more of the compound exercises for it.

There are very few isolation exercises for the chest and no exercise can isolate your upper chest, so you have to do compound exercise for that.

Let’s suppose you’re doing a total of 5 exercises on chest day.

Middle + lower chest exercises: 4

Upper chest exercises: 1

Out of 4 exercises, you can do 3 compounds and one isolation exercise for your pectoralis major.

Compound exercises for Middle and lower chest:

  • Dumbbell/Barbell bench press
  • Decline bench press
  • Chest dips
  • And many more

You can find more of compound and isolation exercises for the chest here.

Now whatever exercise you choose just cause 3 exercises for the middle and lower chest and then do 2 for the middle chest, 1 for the lower chest.

Now you still have left one exercise for your middle and lower chest which would be 1 isolation exercise and you can choose whatever you’d like from the list.

Same thing can be said for the upper chest, just choose any one compound exercise for the upper chest.

How many exercises should you do a day?

Well, to be honest, you can do as many exercises you can for a day but it won’t help you to achieve your goal which is either weight loss or muscle growth.

That’s why you should make a strategic plan.

The recommended volume for chest group: 10-20 sets per week

The recommended rep range for muscle growth: 6-20(6-10 for compound and 10-20 for isolation exercises).

Now you’re training 4 times a week and you decided to do 12 sets per week for chest day as a beginner.

You’re doing chest workout 2x a week as you’re following the upper lower workout routine.

So it would be 6 sets per day for chest.(12 sets per week / 2)

Let’s allocate the number of sets to the pectoralis major and minor.

  • Pectoralis major: 4 sets
  • Pectoralis minor: 2 sets

What that means is…

  • Upper chest: 2 sets
  • Middle chest: 3 sets
  • Lower chest: 1 sets
  • Total: 6 sets

Now as you’re training twice a week you can choose the different type of exercise that you should do on different chest days.

For example on monday, you should do all compound exercises for chest within set range, and for thursday, you should do combination of compound and isolation exercise for chest day within set range.

As the number of sets you’re doing is less, there is not much number of exercises you can do. 

However, when you progress, your muscle capability to lift weights will also increase and then you can do more sets and exercises for chest day.

Sample Chest Day Workout Routine

Let’s see the sample chest day workout routine as per the above recommendations.

Monday: Chest/Shoulder/Back

Tuesday: Legs/hamstring

Wednesday: rest day

Tuesday: Chest/Shoulder/Back

Friday: Legs/hamstring

Sunday: rest day

On Monday you have to do other exercises for your back and shoulders along with the chest.

Let’s look at the workout plan for the chest to do on Monday

ExerciseMachine/Dumbbell or barbell chest pressMachine Fly

Workout plan for chest to do on Tuesday

ExerciseIncline Dumbbell PressDecline Dumbbell PressMachine Fly

So, that’s all for the sample chest day workout routine.

You know what! Most people will think that this is way less exercise and sets for my strength but don’t be an idiot.

I can write a super advanced chest day maso cycle but you will hurt your chest muscle at the end of the day.

If you focus more on the sets, rep and number of exercises you should do on chest day then you will never learn about form, mind muscle connection and important other principles.

What’s NEXT!

Now, you know the number of exercises you can do for your chest but have you come over to read this article only? Or do you come here to implement this in your chest day workout routine?

I think you know the answer better than myself!

Doubts? Comments? Drop them Below!

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