Best 5 Exercise To Build Muscle | GOLDEN 5 Exercises

Best 5 Exercise To Build Muscle – GOLDEN 5 Exercises

Have you ever wondered how many exercises are there for different body parts, is there only one exercise for one body part that is enough to train it?

The answer is YES!

There is a group of exercises that you can do to train all of your major muscle groups like chest, back, shoulder, legs and arms with only one exercise for each muscle.

That means a total of 5 exercises and we called it “GOLDEN 5” exercises.

These exercises are done by many bodybuilders and legend athletes but many people don’t know about this.

So, if you don’t have much time to do exercises but want to build muscles and burn fat at the same time, you can do these 5 exercises 3x a week and do the same.

Why is it Called GOLDEN 5?

Like I said many people don’t know about these exercises and the ones who  know them don’t know why it is called Golden 5?

The reason it is called Golden 5 is because these exercises train all 4 major muscle groups which are chest, back, shoulder, legs completely so that you don’t have to do any other exercises to grow muscles.

What I meant by that is these exercises are so powerful by itself that if you do them and apply progressive overload, you can easily build muscles with them despite a complicated workout plan and so.

Many people believe that they need a complex workout plan to build muscle like professional bodybuilders but in reality if you do these exercises 3x a week for the rest of your life, you can still build muscle like any other person.

These exercises train every muscle that is attached to the main/primary muscles, so you don’t have to do other exercise to train the untrained muscles.

For Example: when we train, most of us do bench press, incline bench press, decline bench press, Dumbbell fly and complete with pull-over right?

But if you do only bench presses and focus on that rather than extra exercises, you can easily build a bigger and massive chest with it.

That means you don’t have to do another 4-5 exercises to build your chest when you can do it with only one exercise which is Bench Press.

Benefits of GOLDEN 5 Exercises

There are a lot of benefits of these exercises but I want to include the main ones which really affect your time, money and muscles.

Benefit #1: As effective as other workout splits

There has not been any study on these exercises yet, but the bodybuilders from 60s and 80s do only these exercises to build muscles and we all know how big muscles they’d made.

So if you think, whether you will build muscle with these workouts or not? Don’t worry just focus on consistent and progressive overload workout plans and you’ll build muscles with that.

Benefit #2: Best Compound Exercise in the World

You may be wondering how these exercises can train all the major muscle groups completely?

These exercises are able to train each muscle group easily because they’re compound and/or multi-joint exercises.

That means when you train them, unlike other exercises, these exercises train the main and secondary muscles completely as well.

So you don’t need to train the secondary muscle which most people do because they’re not doing these exercises.

Benefit #3: Save Time

This one is the best benefit of all.

Unlike the other workout splits you don’t need 4,5,6 day in order to train all of your muscle groups.

With this group of exercises, you can train yourself 3x a week or 2x a week and still build muscles like all other complicated workout programs.

So, if you’re like a professional businessman or busy mom, then you can still perform these exercises and build muscle and burn fat.

Benefit #4: You don’t need too much equipments

These exercises can be done at the gym and/or at home as well.

Doing these exercises will be a little bit hard but still you can perform them with a pair of dumbbells.

And if we talked about the gym, you need the basic equipment that these exercises need.

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Which Exercises Does GOLDEN 5 Include?

By now, you know that these exercises train all of your major muscle groups completely, so you don’t have to do any other exercise for those muscle groups.

ExercisesMuscle Groups
SquatsQuards, Hamstrings, Glutes
Bench PressComplete Chest
Pull UpsComplete Back
DeadliftsPosterior Chain
Shoulder PressShoulder
  1. Squat: You already know how to do this but still there are many people out there who are looking for a complete and easy to understand squat tutorial so here it is.


  • Begin with your abs tightly braced and your ribs pulled downward. 
  • Think of using your abs to control the space between your ribs and the front of your pelvis, and don’t let them get further apart as you move 
  • Lower down with your weight in your heels, your feet straight forward, your knees straight over your little toes and abs braced.
  • Squat upward while maintaining good positioning (knees straight forward, neutral spine, weight through heels.
  • Video Instructions are here

There are many variations of squats by doing that you can develop every muscle in your legs from quadriceps to hamstrings and glutes too.

There are a total 12 variations of squats and many of them you can do at your home or at a gym.

Some of them are BodyWeight Squats(best for Beginners) Wall Squats(best Finisher), barbell back Squats, barbell front squats(P.S if you want to give more focus on quadriceps then do this), Pistol Squats(My favorite), Sumo Squats(best for your inner portion of your lag) Box Squats, Bulgarian Split Squat and so on.

  1. Deadlift
Best 5 Exercise To Build Muscle - GOLDEN 5 Exercises

Deadlift Is The Most Loved Exercise From All Of This. 

You Might Think That Why It Is Called Deadlift? 

Because There Are More Likely A Chance To Getting Injured While Performing Than Any Other Exercise. 

Deadlift Is Helping You To Create Great Lower Back And Also Strengthening Your Lower Back And Your Core. Which Ultimately Helps You In Other Exercises.

Like squats, there are some limited variations of deadlift like conventional deadlift, sumo deadlift, Romanian deadlift with barbell and dumbbells.

Complete Video Instruction on How to DO Proper Deadlift for Beginners

  1. Bench Press
Best 5 Exercise To Build Muscle - GOLDEN 5 Exercises

Bench Press Is The Great Exercise For Building Your Upper Body. 

By Doing Only Bench Press You Not Only Can Develop Your Pectoral But Also Can Develop Front Shoulder And Triceps If You Have Proper Guidance. 


  • Keep your shoulder blades packed tightly together and down at the bottom of each rep. 
  • Only lower as far as you can without popping your shoulder capsule forward or losing stability, then press back up.
  • Video Instructions are here

There are many more varieties of doing bench press than squats. 

you can do bench press with the help of barbell or dumbbells(for greater ROM) or on flat, incline or decline bench. 

But In all Variations of bench press exercise, the most superior one is the flat bench press with a barbell.

  1. Pull Ups

Pullups Is The Upper Body Compound Exercise Like Bench Press And One Of The Best Exercise For Your Overall Back Development. 

While Doing Pull-Ups It Activates Not Only Your Back Muscle But Also Your Arms Muscles. 

Pull-Ups Are The Exercise That Every Bodybuilder Routine Have. 

I already published an article about how a beginner can do his/her first pull up in a month which you can find on the website.

So start doing it Now!!

  1. Shoulder Military Press

Last But Not The Least Shoulder Military Press: Doing Shoulder Military Press Has Many Benefits. It Does Not Work Only On Your Shoulder But Also Work On Your Core While Performing It If You Do Standing.

While doing shoulder press most working muscles are, of course, your delts but then your core glutes your lower back and especially serratus anterior which support your core while doing it.


  • Keep your abs tight and ribs pulled down to stabilize your spine. 
  • Press the weights overhead without arching your back or flaring your ribs out. 
  • Keep your shoulders pulled downward away from your ears to avoid shrugging.
  • Video Instructions are here

It also has many variations like other exercises have but barbell shoulder presses are the best. you can also do a shoulder press with the dumbbells. 

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Workout With GOLDEN 5 Exercises

Now you know the exercise and how to perform them but how are you going to build a workout and train with that.

So here is the 3 day sample workout plan with Golden 5 Exercises

ExercisesBarbell Bench PressShoulder Press
ExercisesPull UpsDeadlifts

And here is the 4 day Sample Workout Plan with Golden 5 Exercises

ExercisesPull UpsDeadliftsBarbell Bench PressShoulder Press
ExercisesBarbell Bench PressShoulder PressPull UpsDeadlifts

What’s NEXT!

If you are not implementing these compound exercises into your routine currently then you are certainly missing out. 

Compound exercises like these help do a number of things that you may not be aware of such as boosting hormones that help build muscle and building more functional strength than using isolation movements. 

That being said it is still very important to add isolation movements into your routine for maximum results!

Did you find this helpful? Do you have any questions or feedback?

Leave your thoughts in the comment section!! & Start Doing It Right away!!

3 thoughts on “Best 5 Exercise To Build Muscle – GOLDEN 5 Exercises”

  1. I am 76 years old & did a comcentrated 4xwk. Lifting 2 hrs. With forced & negative reps for all exercises in the routine years ago/I want to regain stamina better breathing, strength.
    Any precautions at this point in my life?
    I have made attempts to do push ups, squats, leg lifts & chin ups using a wooden pole between chairs.
    My stamina is not good & I become winded easily.
    Would you recommend limited reps of the exercises mentioned until I build my stamina?
    Any word of advice would be much appreciated!

    Jack Beanblossom

    1. Hey Jack, There are many ways to build stamina, you can do that by doing resistance training and cardio as well. It’s upto you which way you want to choose. For cardio, try to run and/or walk for 15 sec on fast pace and 30 sec on slow pace. You can do that on either treadmill or on the ground. You can still do resistance training to gain stamina and strength but for that you need someone to watch over you while you perform the exercises. So I would suggest you to do 3x a week above cardio training and 2x resistance training.

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