7 Reason Why You Should Exercising in The Morning

7 Reason Why You Should Exercising in The Morning

I started walking with my grandfather last week and the other day I was thinking why my grandfather woke up early and went to walk and exercise in the garden.

What are the reasons behind exercising in the morning that can’t be achieved through the evening exercises.

So, I did a little bit of research for you and me and I found that exercising in the morning comes with a lot of advantages like Improvement of physical and mental energy, Appetite control, reducing depression and creating a good mood for the day, promoting better sleep at night and many more.

There are some more reasons to workout in the morning and that’s why I decided that from now onwards, I will do my workouts in the morning.

P.S: If you’re like me who doesn’t want to wake up in not only winter’s morning but the entire year, I will share how I overcame this problem and you can apply these techniques to wake up early in the morning.

7 Reasons aka Benefits of Doing Exercise in the Morning

#1 Morning Exercise Improves Your Physical and Mental Energy

Like I said in my grand-pa story at the beginning of the article, one more thing about him is he is 85 years old and still takes stairs when they go somewhere.

That’s amazing right!

Because, people like us, who are healthy and strong don’t take stairs but old age people are able to do it pretty amazingly.

One of the reasons behind this is that they are doing exercise in the morning which helps them to maintain their physical as well mental energy regardless of their age.

According to this study on the female police officer to measure the effect of morning vs evening exercise on physical and mental energy, they found that morning exercise has significant effect not only on mental health but also on anxiety, social dysfunction and depression in the employees. 

Although this study is a cross sectional study that means research takes a specific population when doing research and it only concludes a broad view of the topic.

However, most of the time if you ask old age men or women why they are still healthy and fit, one of the reasons they will tell you is they do yoga every morning or go to walk in the morning or attend a laughing club.

We can deny the above study but we can’t deny many old age people that told this to everyone the reason for their healthy life.

#2 Appetite control, calorie intake and weight loss

Several studies showed that exercise is directly related to creating negative energy balance and change in appetite. 

That means a calorie deficit == FAT LOSS!

One recent study compared the morning and evening aerobic(cardio) exercise on appetite control on 48 overweight females for 6 weeks.

Although the duration of study is short, there are few awesome findings like if you do moderate to high intensity cardio exercise(running, skipping) in the morning, it will help you control your appetite, calories for the day.

#3 Reducing depression and creates a good mood 

I don’t know whether you started exercising in the morning or not but it has been 15 days since I started. I really enjoy my day.


Because it creates a good mood for my brain for the day.

It also helps me to reduce my depression by promoting happy hormone serotonin.

One of the reasons why my brain secrete serotonin is the voice of the birds and calm atmosphere.

If I talked about the scientific evidence then a study done by Mohammad_Mohammadi on the impact of morning exercise on some physical, physiological and psychological indicators of young men.

This study ran for 8 weeks and the finding are, 

Morning exercise not only helps in reducing stress through releasing beta endorphins from the pituitary gland, it also helps in reducing body mass index and increasing aerobic power(That’s your cardiovascular strength!)

#4 A Morning Exercise Routine Will Help You Get Better Sleep

I didn’t believe this benefit until I read this in the scientific literature.

Researchers did a study on morning versus evening exercise, which leads to better and quality sleep in premenopausal women.

There are a total of 54 women who are divided into two groups, one group has to workout in the morning between  6:30-9:30 am and another group has to workout between 6:30pm-9:30pm.

The exercise they are doing is moderate intensity treadmill walking for 8 weeks, 4 times a week.

Regardless of time of day, exercise resulted in consistently improved sleep quality for premenopausal women.

#5 Greater endurance exercise capacity

Have you ever felt that if you do exercise in the morning, you can do more than you do exercise in the evening?

I felt that many times after I started exercising in the morning!

I believe the one reason behind the greeted endurance exercise capacity is when you wake up your body is totally fresh and has so much energy compared to never ending work in the office.

Apart from this morning exercise benefit, you can easily complete your workout faster than you do in the evening.

Doing morning exercise comes with a lot of benefits in the gym and outside the gym as well.

#6 Increased Strength and Muscle Size

Let’s say you’re a fitness junkie and you wanna build muscle and strength.

You would say can morning exercise help me to increase muscles and strength in the gym?

The answer is YES!!!

There has been a systematic review and meta-analysis(top quality research) that finds the effect of time of the day on adaptations in skeletal muscle hypertrophy and muscle strength.

There are some findings but the primary ones are as follows.

  • There is a significant difference in strength between morning and evening but evening hours have greater strength.
  • If you do exercise in the morning or in the evening both will increase your strength at similar levels.
  • There is no difference in the muscle size whether you’re doing exercise in the morning or in the evening.

Now you(A fitness junkie) must be wondering if there is no benefit of doing exercise in the morning, however, if morning exercise comes with this many benefits then why shouldn’t you do them in the morning?

I believe you know your answer.

I notice one thing when I exercise in the morning at a gym which is crowded with people in the morning.

I believe there must be a good reason why people are doing weight training exercises in the morning, right?

#7 Promoting habitual physical activity

I know what you think when you think about starting exercise or joining a gym.

You wanna know? Read on…

Most of the time people  like you and me think that I will start doing exercise by going jogging in the park or similar to that.

Then I will join a gym to do more resistance training exercise in the morning.

That’s what you think right? Let me know if you think differently!

Now our brain thinks like this so there must be a reason because our brain is the most powerful thing in the entire universe and you can’t deny it.

One study done on the Bariatric Surgery Patients to find out the same.

They find out that Morning exercise may be a viable strategy for promoting habitual Physical activity in inactive BS patients.

For regular people like you and me, can this study apply to US?

Of Course because when you come back from a long day, you really don’t want to go to the gym to do crunches or lifting heavy weights right? Until you’re so determined!

However, if you choose to exercise in the morning, when you wake up your body is full of energy everyday which leads to better adherence.

How You Can Wake Up Early in the Morning and Exercise

It’s hard for everyone to wake up early in the morning for the first time, if and only if you don’t have a proper guide.

But after you go through this guide, you’ll be able to wake up early.

I read this guide on Medium.com, which is a very popular site for writers. If you want to read a very in-depth guide on this, check it out here.

If you don’t want to, it’s ohk, I’m going to summarize this for you!

  • Clarify Your Purpose for Waking Up Early(Ask Why you want to do that 5 times)
  • Understand What You Gain and Lose
  • Focus on Sleeping Time
    • Get enough sleep(7-8 hours at least)
    • Sleep more than needed (when you start)
  • Don’t Try to Change Everything
    • You can’t change too much at once
    • Have fun in the morning (when you start)
  • Choose a Morning Routine
    • A routine that suits you
  • Get an Alarm That Works for You
    • Try a light alarm
    • Experiment with alarms
  • Sleep Without Your Phone
    • A boring sleeping environment
    • Put your phone in another room
    • No way around it
  • Use Melatonin as Insurance
    • Dosage(0.3mg)
  • Regulate your sleep schedule

What’s NEXT!

Now, you know why you should wake up early and do some kind of exercise.

It doesn’t matter what your goal, exercise in the morning will help you in a lot of ways.

If you’re not able to wake up at first, don’t give up, just try and try until you find success.

P.S: Try to make a habit to wake up early in the Summer!

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