An Effective Guide to Lose Weight With Eating Junk Food

An Effective Guide to Lose Weight With Eating Junk Food

Who loves Chips? 

I asked in my weekly Instagram Poll story and Most people said ME!

There are many many many junk foods available in the market that people love to eat but  most of the time they think while eating it “I’m following weight loss diet, how am I gonna lose weight with eating junk food”

Eating junk food when following a weight loss diet is completely fine as long as you’re not eating more than your weekly calories.  Junk food will increase your calorie for sure but when you adjust overeat calories the next day, your weekly calories will not be changed and if you’re in a calorie deficit while doing this, you will lose weight.

As you read further, you will see how I eat junk food every other day and am still able to lose weight.

Lose weight While Eating Junk Food

We all love to eat junk food but many people have this concern that if they eat junk food either they will continue eating it for the upcoming days and stop following a weight loss diet.

So, just think what it’s like if you can eat junk food every day and lose weight?

Amazing right? Let’s see how we can lose weight while eating junk food.

First thing first, we’re going to take two examples, In example one person A eating junk food once a week, and another person B eating junk food  everyday.

P.S: One meal of junk food, not all meals of junk food!

Person A: Let’s assume that person A’s daily calorie intake is 2600 in order to lose weight.

Now when he went to his friend’s birthday party hosted in the cafe. He eats 2 pepperoni pizza along with 1 coke and ice cream later. 

Let’s say total calories he ate at the party is 1300 calories

He consumes 3 meals and one snack everyday and 800 calories per main meal and 200 calories for snacks.

Let’s calculate how much he ate on his friend’s birthday.

Breakfast: 800 calories

Lunch: 800 calories

Post workout: 200 calories

Dinner(Birthday party): 1300 calories

So total calories for that day is 3100 calories and daily calorie intake for weight loss is 2600 calories. He overeat calories by 500.

But, what he did on the two next day is he cut 250 calories from two upcoming days.

He attended a party on Wednesday and ate 3100 calories but on Thursday and Friday he ate 2350 calories.

Let’s calculate again how much he ate after eating junk food once a week compared to a regular person that doesn’t eat any junk food for a week.

DayPerson ARegular Person

At the end of the week, you can see person A who overeat 500 calories on Wednesday but still able to lose weight(like a regular person) as he maintains his calorie  deficit for the rest of the week.

Now, let’s take the scenario of person B(SyattFitness), he was doing a challenge where he ate one big mac everyday for 30 days and see whether he is able to lose weight or not?

After a month, he lost 7lbs while eating one big mac everyday. 

How amazing it is right? 

I don’t have to say anything for this as he makes a full video on this. See his full story in the video below.

If you finish watching the video, let’s understand how this happens.

What most people do is they overeat for one day and then think that now my whole diet is ruined just because I overeat for one day.

One meal, one workout or anything that is done at once can’t determine your result.

What determines your weight loss is how many calories you eat at the end of the week.

If you eat more than your burned, you will gain weight but if you manage to eat less after overeating once, you will lose weight.

Don’t think like that if you overeat for one day, your diet is ruined or now you will not lose weight.

How to Eat Junk Food and Stay Under Calories

Now you understand what is more important for weight loss, let’s understand how you can eat junk food while staying under your maintenance calories.

Before that we have to assume some numbers for Jenny like

Daily Calorie intake: 2300

Overeat 3x a week

Calories of Overeat Day 1(Monday): 2900

Calories of Overeat Day 1(Thursday): 3500

Calories of Overeat Day 1(Friday): 2600

Total Calories for the week 16100(2300*7)

But when she overeat total calories for a week is 18200(9200+2900+3500+2600)

She overeats by 2100 calories for the whole week.

Now what she can do is adjust her daily calories intake for Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.


Total Weekly Calories: 16100 Calories

Now if she didn’t overeat junk food, her weekly calorie intake will be 16100 calories as well.

In order to not ruin your diet, you just have to adjust your weekly calories like this so that your weekly calories are the same, no matter whether you overeat junk food or not!

Can I Eat this Food and Lose Weight?

There are many weight loss questions that people asked me on my Instagram page and Can I eat McDonalds while following a weight loss diet?

Like I said, no matter how much nutrition dense food you eat for a meal, if your weekly calorie intake is less than you burned, you will lose weight.

There are many people who eat whatever they want and still lose weight. What do you think of how they do this?

They eat whatever they like but adjust their calories for the remaining days of the week. So their weekly calorie intake does not increase and still they lose weight.

So, don’t worry about any food and eat wherever the f*ck food you want to eat but just make sure that your weekly calorie intake does not exceed!

What’s NEXT!

Now you know how you can stop ruining your diet while eating junk food to lose weight(my work), go and eat any food you like but after that adjust your diet plan.

If you have any doubts, thoughts about the article, let me know in the comments. For Coaching Inquiries, PM Me Here

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  1. I have hypothyroidism,I’m on levothyroxine,
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