Diet Coke on Keto Diet

Diet Coke & Keto: 5 Things You Should Know About it

When you finally decide to follow the keto diet there is one question that always comes to everyone’s mind.

Which is …..

Can I eat this on keto?

Can this food or drink kick me out from ketosis?

One of the most common drinks people think about when it comes to drinking it with keto is Diet Coke.

And many people believe that you can’t drink diet coke on keto but science is always different than what you think.

Today, we’re going to see 5 things you should know about diet coke when you’re following the keto diet for your weight loss.

Can You Drink Diet Coke on Keto?

This is the obvious question for most people, and the answer is very simple.

It’s YES, Yes you can drink diet coke while following a ketogenic diet.

Now if you’re like most people, you already read a few articles on other websites and watch videos from some of the so-called experts in the nutrition industry on YouTube.

Those experts may tell you that you can’t drink diet soda on keto.

Which is 100% wrong.

There are various reasons why many people believe this.

Aspartame & Diet Coke

We know that most of the soft drinks available in the market have some level of Aspartame, and Diet coke is not the exception.

Now, remember the so-called expert! They will tell you that diet coke contains Aspartame and acesulfame-K, which is not good for you when you’re following the keto diet plan.

The reason is they spike your insulin as Aspartame and acesulfame-K is artificial sweeteners and they tend to spike your blood sugar. 

Which is 100% right. However, there is one caveat in this.

When it comes to listening to those experts, they give you vague and unclear instructions for your questions.

If you see many videos and read articles on this topic, you may notice that most of them tell you that aspartame is bad but never mention how much diet coke contains it.

When you check how much diet coke has aspartame, it is 185mg which is very negligible compared to other soft drinks.

Now I know that many people who want to lose weight, they’re addicted to diet soda and want to know the limit of it.

If you drink 18 cans of diet soda every day, then and only then you’re crossing your limits.

Carbohydrates and Diet Coke

When I first started my fitness journey, I never gave importance to the label as much as someone should give.

But I started realising that, everyone should see what’s in the product by reading the product’s label carefully.

carbohydrates and diet coke

As you can see from the above nutrition label of Diet Coke, it has zero carbs and zero sugars.

The reason why Diet Coke or Coke Zero has zero carbohydrate is because of a blend of low-calorie sweeteners like aspartame and acesulfame-K, which are sugar and calorie free.

Many people in the popular community on reddit and on the internet tell you that it contains acesulfame-K which is 200 times more sweet than table sugar.

It will spike your insulin! However, let me remind you that apart from the carbs, protein also spikes your insulin level and Insulin spikes are not the main cause of fat production.

What about other Diet Sodas?

When it comes to other diet sodas, they are made almost entirely of added sugar and a single bottle may contain more than twice of your daily carb limit.

If you drink any other than Diet Coke and Coke Zero while following a ketogenic diet, you will definitely kick out from your ketosis state.

Diet Coke and Ketosis

When it comes to following a ketogenic diet, the number one thing you’ve to keep in mind is the carbs intake.

If your daily carbohydrate intake is greater than 25 grams, you will be kicked out from ketosis.

Most of you know what ketosis is but allow me to explain in the simplest terms.

“It’s a metabolic state in which your blood has a high concentration of ketones. Our liver makes it when we don’t have enough insulin to turn carbs–>sugar–>glucose into energy.”

So the real question is can drinking diet coke kick you out from the ketosis state?

The answer is…….. NO

Because Diet Coke and Coke zero have no sugar and no carbs.

So if diet coke do not have those nutrients, how diet coke can kick you out from the ketosis state.

If you read other articles on the internet from the so called website, they will use so many nebulous terms like disrupt insulin sensitivity, destroy gut microflora and few more.

Is Diet Coke(Aspartame) or Coke Zero Keto friendly?

The answer is YES! They’re Keto friendly.

When you’re following a ketogenic diet, you’ve to keep one thing in mind which is carbohydrate intake.

If you eat certain food or drink certain beverages which are high in carbs, then you’re likely to kick out from the ketosis state. 

So, as long as you stay in the carb intake range for keto diet which is less than 25 grams per day, Diet Coke and Coke zero are friendly beverages to drink.

What Happens When You Drink Diet Coke?

Below is the wonderful graphics made by the thefitnesschef_ on Instagram on diet coke and other zero calorie soda drinks. Make sure to check out his content and the awesome low calorie recipe book of course!

diet coke on keto


After reading this short and sweet article on diet coke and keto, you should know that you can drink them while following a ketogenic diet without worrying about getting kicked out from the ketosis state.

I did not mention the few research papers who support all of my arguments here, if anyone wants to read them send me a message here.

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