Can You Workout Chest and Shoulders Together?

Can You Workout Chest and Shoulders Together?

As a beginner, it is obvious that you have a lot of questions in your mind, like which muscle should I train, how much protein do I need, how to follow a diet for a beginner and so on.

The very common question(scope of this article) that people often ask me is which muscle group should I train together? Chest and shoulder? Back and Chest? Quads and Arms?

You can train your chest and shoulders together as the movement that muscle group used during the exercising is the pressing movements. So if you do that there will be no problem in training those muscles but the story will be different for the quads and arms.

As you read further, you will notice which muscle group should train together and why you should train them together. 

If you stick to the end of the article, I also add the sample chest and shoulder workout that you can do at the gym.

Should You Train Shoulders and Chest Together?

There is no doubt that there are few combinations of the muscle group that you can train together, and shoulder and chest is one of them(My favourite muscle group to workout together!).

But the real question is why you should train them together? 

Why can’t you train your chest and legs together?

Why can’t you train your chest and biceps together?

Why can’t you train your chest and hamstrings together?

That’s what I’m going to explain to you now!

First of all when you do various chest exercises like bench press, push-ups, incline bench press with dumbbells and so on, have you ever noticed that you’re doing pushing movements.

That means when you want to lift weights you have to push your weights not pull your weights like we do with the back exercises.

If we see for the shoulder exercises, there are three main muscles that you should train which are front, middle and rear delts.

Now in order to train front delts, you have to do pushing movements but what about middle and rear delts?

You’re not doing any kind of pushing movements to train those muscles.

You must be wondering that if we’re doing only pushing movements of the front shoulder exercises then why should we train shoulders with the chests?

The reason behind working out shoulders and chest together is when you do most of the upper chest exercise or any bench press variations, you are training your front shoulder, that means if you train shoulders on different days, you have to train your front shoulders.

But if you train your chest and shoulders together on the same day, you don’t have to train your front shoulders on the next day. That’s the biggest advantage of training your chest and shoulders together.

In fact, if you’re training your chest enough, most of the time you don’t have to train your front shoulders aka anterior deltoids.

There has been study which shows the different heads of shoulders if a novice(beginner) or resistance trained women do different dumbbell pressing movements.

They found that shoulder press exercises target most of the anterior deltoids, however, incline bench press also target front shoulders effectively.

So if you’re a person who doesn’t want to train your front shoulder TWICE and wants to grow your rear delts(most underrated and untrained muscle), then you can workout chest and shoulders together and give more time to your rear delts which you saved from the front shoulders exercises.

I believe, now you understand why people train those muscles together and why you should also chest and shoulders together?

Which Muscle Group to Workout with Shoulders

You already know that you can train your chest with shoulder workout but what about other muscles? Which muscle should I workout with the shoulders?

Apart from the chest, the only muscle you can train with the shoulder is the triceps.

But you may be thinking why don’t other muscles like the shoulder and biceps? shoulder and back?

Like said earlier, when you train back muscles you’re doing pulling movement, which is completely opposite to the pushing movements.

If you want to shock your back and shoulder muscles for one day, you can train them together for once but just keep in mind that if you do so, there are NO benefits of it, which means you’re wasting time!

Which Muscle Group to Workout with Chest

Like shoulders, you know that you can train chest with shoulders but is there any muscle group that you can train with chest?

Apart from shoulders and triceps, you can train Back muscles together.

Most of the people who train themselves for more than 5 years know that they can train chest and back muscles together but they really don’t know why they can train those muscles together?

Let’s understand it now!

So in our human body there are few different types of muscles, one of them is antagonist and agonist.

As you can see from the below image that pectoralis major is agonist and latissimus dorsi is antagonist muscle type.

Can You Workout Chest and Shoulders Together?

You must be wondering how this is related to working out your chest and back together?

Let me explain!

Antagonist and agonist muscle type is also known as opposing muscles, if you notice that we’re training shoulder and chest together as the movement they are doing during exercise is the same.

So, if we can train muscles which move the same during exercise then why can’t we train muscles that are opposing each other while working out?

I hope you understand what I’m talking about here! 

You can pick any muscle group from the above graphic and train them together as they are opposing each other and there is nothing wrong about it.

Best Muscle Group Combinations to Workout together

What I explain earlier is useful if you’re at the intermediate level but what about very basic muscle groups or best muscle group combination that you can train together

Below muscle group combinations are my favourite and few of them will also be your favourite.

  • Chest and Back
  • Back and Hamstrings
  • Biceps and Triceps
  • Quad and Shoulders
  • Shoulder and Triceps
  • Chest and Shoulder of course!

Chest and Shoulder Workout

You know what all these fusss about know and why you should do that? But what will you do if you don’t know the workout?

Here is the sample chest and shoulder workout that you can do at the gym.

ExerciseAny Bench Press VariationsAny Shoulder press VariationsAny Chest Fly variationsLateral RaisesChest DipsFace pull/ Rear Delt Fly

As you can see that there are a total of 6 exercises and all 6 exercises train all the muscles of the chest and shoulders that means you don’t have to train traps separately as you can train them on the back day or add in those workouts if you’d like.

If you’re a beginner and reading this article, it will be super hard for you to do chest dips with these reps. 

In order to do chest dips, just click here which will lead you to the another article I wrote on this site about the alternative exercises for chest dips.

One last thing is that in this workout there are some exercises which you should master before adding more weights to your barbell. Check out this directory to understand the forms of different exercises.

P.S: You can also read all sorts of things on this directory for different muscles like which muscle you’re training for particular exercise, gif version of exercise performance and instruction of course.

What’s NEXT!

In this section of the article, My work is completed and your work is started.

You can change anything you would like with the sample chest and shoulder workout but make sure don’t try to change everything. 

There are a lot of videos and may be articles where they share chest and shoulder workout that you can do. So just for it on Google.

Doubts? Thoughts? Comments? Drop them Below!

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