An Effective Guide for Busy Moms To Lose Weight

An Effective Guide for Busy Moms To Lose Weight

Admit it!

Losing weight is much harder for busy and working moms than the regular gym goers, as they have to handle their children, work and home all three things along with their own diet and exercises.

In order to lose weight as a busy mom, you have to sit on your couch on sunday and plan your all week ranging from meal prep to exercise timing and other office and home work as well. Managing time while following diet and exercise is the best way to lose weight for busy moms.

As you read further, you will find how you can eat healthy while working full time along with how you can lose weight as a busy mom with the help of working mom’s diet and exercises.

Eat Healthy as a Busy Mom

Very first and most important thing anyone should learn when it comes to losing weight is EAT HEALTHY.

No matter what you’re doing, what’s your profession and all, you have to learn this skill.

So how do you learn it as a busy mom.

I don’t want to give you a very general idea here, I want to give you a practical and effective idea here.

So, when you eat any meal next time just note down what you eat and how you eat .

I would suggest note down these two things I told for every meal to better understand your meal’s healthiness.

Let’s take an example of breakfast…

Let’s assume that your go-to breakfast is a whipped-cream coffee drink and a chocolate croissant.

You pick it up in the drive-through  and eat on your way to work.

Well, it’s a starting point and that’s not “bad” but it just isn’t working for you.

Now you have to improve your breakfast just a little but with the help of what you already have.

  • You can replace croissants with a whole grain muffin or any other whole grain ready-made food.
  • You can have a regular coffee with a single cream and sugar(less calories)
  • You grab a greek yogurt cup on your way out of the house for protein.

You’re still in a hurry and eating your breakfast with many other distractions that are coming out from your phone.

But you’re improving with the meal transformation game.

Let’s play next level!

  • You switch the muffin to granola with cottage cheese or any high protein dairy product.
  • cream to 2% milk
  • add your favourite fruit
  • You’re now eating out of dishes on a table, instead of out of takeout packages off the dashboard of your car.

You’re doing all this while checking out today’s news headlines.

The Final Boss Stage!

  • You turn your whole breakfast from rushing and panicked to some extra time to enjoy breakfast.
  • Now at this stage of the game, you coffee becomes green tea as too much coffee was tweaking you out.
  • You’ve found you really like lemon water.

At this stage of the game, you eat mindfully, feeling relaxed while watching the beautiful sun rise.

Now you can understand how to eat healthy as a busy mom for breakfast, you can apply the same tactics and technique to your other meal.

You don’t have to do it right now, you can do it on a sunday after you’ve done your meal prep.

Lose Weight While Working Full Time & as a Busy Mom

I saw many times that after the baby, many moms started doing full time jobs along with taking care of the baby.

I know you all know what I mean by working full time. So everyone knows how difficult it is to lose weight while handling everything.

Let’s look at how you can do it the easy way.

P.S. I’m not going to give you a diet or exercise plan while you work full time as a mom, all I will give you is some super effective and applicable tips to improve your weight loss game and you can also take care of your baby.

P.S.S: I presume that you know few things about the foods and nutrition when it comes to weight loss, if not that’s fine, but start following it your diet as calorie deficit is the way to lose weight for ANYONE! If you are stuck somewhere just google it, otherwise you will find plenty of things that are useless for you to lose weight.

Tip #1 Don’t bother counting calories to lose weight, just pick any number for the weight you have and start.

After a week see whether your weight increases or decreases, if you increase you’re consuming more and if you decrease, congratulations you’re on the right path.

Tips #2 Just focusing on completing your daily calorie intake and protein, don’t worry about how much carbs, fiber and fat you eat.

If you’re eating within your calorie range then you’re not going to gain weight(if and only if when you guess your calorie intake right)

Many people will suggest you to count fiber, fat and other things but that will take a lot of time out of 24 hours for you.

Tip #3 Do a meal prep, not only for you, for the whole family except your baby.

From What I know most moms do meal prep for themselves but if they do for the whole  family then they don’t have to cook for every other day.

Tip #4 If you’re not able to hit calorie or protein intake for 1 or 2 days, just don’t worry about it and enjoy your day.

Tips #5 For the exercise part, try to do it at least 3x a week, if you’re not able to do it on one day, just do some jogging or walking with the baby and hubby.

You can also increase your NEAT so you’re using more of your calories.

Weight Loss Blogs for Working/Busy Moms

There are many many many blogs for busy and working moms but below are my favourite ones and I promise that you will find everything you need as a busy mom in these blogs.

Mom Tastic Ideas

All Modern Mommy

Fit 4 MotherHood

Living Tickled

Struggles of a Fit Mom

Working Mom Diet and Exercises

You came to this page because of the diet and exercise plan that you’re looking for.

Unfortunately, I can’t give you that but I can give you one thing that will surely help you to make a diet plan for yourself.

And the thing is below two articles that I wrote!

A Beginner Guide Diet Plan to Follow at Gym

The Complete Weight Lifting Routine For Beginner

One article explains about a beginner diet plan and another one is about a beginner exercise plan. 

Now you may be thinking how this is going to help me as a busy mom?

So, the first thing you should do after reading those articles is think about how you’re gonna make this type of diet plan for myself, according to my lifestyle and goal.

Look, no matter what’s your goal but the method of making a diet plan hasn’t changed. 

So just follow the guidelines and you’re good to go!

What’s NEXT!

In this section of the article, my work is finished and your work is started!

You have to learn how you can manage your time as a busy mom because there is no magic that can help you lose weight. You can only do it by applying a calorie deficit diet in your lifestyle.

If you found it hard to manage your time, read this article again from the start and I’m sure you will get the solution.

Doubts? Thoughts? Comments? Drop Them Below!

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