Here is the Effective Body weight Chest Exercises For Chest Growth

Here is The Effective Body weight Chest Exercises For Chest Growth

What is the very first thing that comes in your mind when you thinking about starting gym?

Belly fat?


and arms?

That should be either of this, because most of us want to have awesome 6 pack abs, bigger chest and arms.

You can easily train this muscle from various angles at the gym but what about at home chest workout?

You’ve very limited equipment at home and still many of you want to have bigger chest.

In this article, I will mention some of the best chest exercises that you can do at home, no equipment needed.

No means, no resistance bands, no dumbbells, nothing.

Muscle Building Tips at Home

Here is the Effective Body weight Chest Exercises For Chest Growth

Before seeing the exercises for the chest at home, make sure to read this muscle building tips at home because this will help you to grow your muscle from both diet and workout perspective.

Muscle Building Exercise Tips

Tip 1: There has been many studies that shows that if a person wants to build muscle aka hypertrophy, the person should do 6-8 hard sets for longer rest period.

If you take short rest period then the number for the set would be double.

In our case there is no weight except our body weight and I believe that’s enough to build muscles at home.

So, if you want to do chest workout at home make sure you’re doing at least 8 and maximum 15 set for chest at HOME.

Keep you rest period between 1-2 minutes.

Tip 2: If we see the types of muscle contractions, there are mainly three: Isometric, eccentric and concentric.

Most of the time in the gym we’re doing eccentric and concentric muscle contraction and that’s great for muscle hypertrophy if you’ve enough exercise load.

But at home, we don’t have much load to work with.

That’s why, whatever exercise we’re doing at home, we should focus more on the isometric and eccentric muscle contractions.

Now some of you don’t know about this muscle contractions, allow me to explain.

Eccentric muscle contraction is kind of when you lower your arm and the force you fill at the biceps is eccentric muscle contraction.

if we talk about isometric muscle contraction then it’s kind of force when you hold something in your hand for sometime.

There are other types of muscle contraction but here we don’t need to understand.

Let’s see how we can get benefited from the Isometric and eccentric contraction in the chest exercises at home.

Supposed you’re doing push-ups. Most of us undervalued it that you can’t build chest only with the push ups.

But in reality if you do only regular push up, you can still build muscle all you’ve to do is apply the technique that we’re going to talk about now.

When you do push-up, what you’ve to do is when you go down, go down in 1 sec and then hold it there for 1-5 sec and slow lift your body for 1-5 sec.

Let’t me explain, what we’ve done here.

Basically, when you hold your body you’re doing isometric muscle contraction, the more time you hold the more difficult it is.

Again, when you lift your body, we’re doing eccentric muscle contraction, and the more time you take to lift your body the harder it is.

Some of you may think that how much time we should take to do this?

well, that’s totally depend on your fitness level.

If you’re beginner and try to do what I’ve just explained here then it will be hard for you to do 1 or 3 reps.

Tip 3: Another important tips is there are various type of sets that you can performed like drop sets, super sets, giant sets etc.

Most of you know about this but if not, check out below graphic for easy understanding. Here is the Effective Body weight Chest Exercises For Chest Growth


Tip 4: As you read before for the number of set you should do for any workout for home. But what about rep ranges?

There had been many debate on the number of reps you should do for maximum muscle hypertrophy.

some said, it should be around 6-12 reps,

some said, it should be around 8-15 reps,

some said, it should be around 10-15 reps.

Which person you will follow?

Although this theory is backed by some research, evidence on the topic remains far from conclusive.

But for arguments sake let’s say that moderate reps are in fact best for gaining size.

That is 6-12 reps per set!

Now some fitness junkies have question like this, do I have to train between this reps only?

The answer is NO!

If you train in the lower rep range, 1-5 per set, you’ll maximize strength.

If you train in the higher rep range, that is 15-20 per set, you’ll build endurance.

What’s matter more than the rep range for muscle hypertrophy is the time under tension.

So if you’re able to keep muscle under tension for longer period of time then you’ll build muscle, no matter what’s you rep ranges.

Diet Tips for Muscle Building at Home

Let me ask you a question, what’s the thing that build muscle? Protein right?

So the first tip for muscle building at home is Keep your protein intake High.

But How much High?

The normal recommended protein intake range is 0.8g to 1.5g / lb. In metric it is around 1.2–3 g/kg.

Now if you’re consuming around 1g/lb or 2g/kg then increase slightly about 20% of your overall daily protein intake.

Let’s say, your weight is around 75kg so your daily protein requirement is 150g.

But here we want higher protein intake so we can retain our muscle mass with lighter load.

So the 20% of 150g is 30g. Now your daily protein intake is 180g.

You may have question that what about carbs and fats? I would say change it little bit based on your daily activity.

One thing I really want to mention here is daily protein intake is determined by your activity level. So if you’re lifestyle is sedentary, you’ll need less protein than the cross fitters.

There is nothing more to discuss for the diet tips.

So, let’s see for what you’ve come!

At Home Chest Exercises

One thing, I want you to tell is that I divided these chest exercises in the Beginner, Intermediate and advanced category.

So, there may be slight difference in the exercise but I really focus on the muscle building exercise tips we discuss earlier.

You can take whatever chest exercise you can take to do chest workout, all you’ve to do is apply above mentioned tips.

One important thing is I don’t want you to bored by reading how to do this or that exercise since you can look up on the internet.

However, if you click on the exercise name, you will landed on the American Council of Exercise library or exercise library which explain you how to do particular exercise in the best way.

The number mentioned besides the exercise name is for Time for Go down, Hold, and Time for Up Your Body.

For Example: (1,2,2) that means Time for your body should take to go down is 1 sec, 2 sec for Hold and time your body should take while lifting up is 2 sec.

Make sure to follow in this time frame because if you increase it, it will need more fitness level.

Beginner Chest Exercises

Incline Push-ups(1-2-2)
Decline Push-ups(1-2-2)
Standing Chest Stretch

Intermediate Chest Exercises

Push-up with Single-leg Raise(1-3-3)
Knuckle Push ups(1-3-3)
Decline Push-ups(1-3-4)

Advanced Chest Exercises

Push-up with Staggered Hands(1-3-4)
Decline Push-ups, foot on any higheted place(1-4-4)
Single arm Push-ups(1-3-4)

Guidelines For Home Chest Workout

Now you saw all the chest exercises for every fitness level, muscle building tips for home, but there are some other things I really want to discuss here.

No matter what exercise you do or you’ve access to gym or not. The one thing you should do in any fitness workout is the progressive overload.

Now, if you’re training in the gym, you can do it using various way but what if when you’re training at home.

I would specifically tell you how to do progress for the chest workout at home.

Let’s say, you’re at beginner or at intermediate level and now you want to do progress.

What you can do is add more reps and decrease the time I mentioned along with the exercise name,


Do different exercise than I mentioned in the list for other fitness level,


if you want to stick with the exercises, you can change the time.

There are tones of ways to do progressive overload at home and gym as well. All you should know how to do progressive overload.

The FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I add more exercises in the existing exercise list?
A: Of-course, you can but there is no advantage of doing it as I already cover all the chest muscle using 3 different exercises.

There is no advantages of overlapping exercises and wasting your time.

Q: I’ve a resistance bands, How Can I put this in action?
A: You can simple tight resistance bands somewhere, where it gives you more resistance than your body gives.

Q: When will I be ready to switch from this beginner routine to an intermediate routine?
A: It’s really depends on various things like what’s your strength level, what’s you experience level and many other factors.

I suggest you to read this through article on this topic.

What’s NEXT?

I explained all the thing you should do in order to build chest using body weight chest exercise.

Now you should stop doing anything and plan how do you do this exercises at home.


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