Here's is Why Your Biceps aren't Growing and How to Fix Them

Here’s is Why Your Biceps aren’t Growing and How to Fix Them

Most people join gym for two reasons: either they want to lose belly fat or they want to grow their chest and arms.

Oftentimes they’re not able to achieve any of these goals due to overwhelmed information out there.

Not growing your biceps is a common problem many gym goers have.

There are few reasons why your biceps are not growing but the number one would be the exercise volume aka number of sets per week. If you’re doing less work than what your biceps are supposed to be doing then you will not be able to grow them.

As you read further, you will find other few reasons and how to fix them in this article.


Why Your Bicep is not growing

  1. Exercise Volume

I don’t know what you watched or read on this topic before coming to this article but when I first started, I saw a hell lot of videos on every topic in fitness.

I saw most people do very generic advice like do compound movements for biceps and train them 3x a week and so on.

But if you want to grow your bicep aka muscle growth of biceps, aka bicep hypertrophy, you should be doing maximum effective volume.

You don’t know that shit right?

So, maximum effective volume is the maximum number of sets per week any muscle should do in order to grow that muscle.

If you do less than that, you will not grow those muscles.

Now the MEV is different for each and every muscle.

Before telling you about MEV, please comment how many sets you’re doing per week for biceps?

And here is the graphic you should look for.

How to Fix this

As you see the MEV for bicep is 12 sets per week.

So do you do 12 sets? Or less or more?

I believe most of you are doing more than 12 sets per week for biceps.

For example:

3 sets for 4 exercises = 12 sets

4 sets of 3 exercises = 12 sets

IF you’re doing this then why is your bicep not growing?

Well, there could be other reasons as well.

Before telling you the other reasons for this, I know many people who do full chest workout and then also add bicep workout with triceps in that.

Which I would not do!

The reason being is when you do multiple body parts in one day, it would be hard for most people to focus properly on a single body part.

So if you’re doing like this, just split your exercise volume into two days like 6 sets on pull days and 6 sets on another pull days or as per your workout routine.

This will allow you to work effectively and with proper mind muscle connection.

  1. Not Eating Enough Protein

Do you know that protein is MUST for building muscles?

If you’re not eating enough protein, there is no way you can grow your chest or any muscle group.

Now, many people go with the generic like eating 1 gm per pound and so on!

But recently, produced an in-depth guide for protein intake, you can read that here, and in that they wrote about the protein requirement for all sorts of things like for athletes, for fat loss, for muscle gain, for sedentary people and so on!

So, if you look at that article, they said that if someone is looking for muscle growth, they should focus anywhere between 1.6–2.4 g/kg. 

If your focus is muscle building you should focus more on the higher side of this range, or you can also with the lower side of the range.

  1. Range of Motion

Range of motion is something most people forgot to do completely.

Even expert level gym goers made this mistake sometimes.

If you do this, and put 100kg on the bar, you’re most likely training with 30kg because the remaining 70kg spread to other muscles like the shoulder and triceps.

So, no matter how heavy or small your weight is, just try to do a complete range of motion.

  1. Rest & Recovery

Rest and recovery is one of the most important things you should take care of when it comes to muscle building.

It is very important that your muscles are repaired through diet and nutrition after you trained them in the gym in order to grow.

If you train them continuously without giving them proper rest and recovery time then you will not be able to grow muscle, instead you’re sabotaging your growth. 

No matter which workout split you’re following right now but it is very important to have at least 48 hours of break between training the same muscle group.

So, if you’re training chest on Monday(Like all do, But I train Legs😝), you can train chest again on Thursday.

Are you doing the same or making mistakes in this?

  1. Take Time

I don’t know the experience of you guys in the gym but there will be few people who are reading this article and their level of fitness is between beginner and intermediate and said “My bicep is not growing?”

You have to understand one thing, like losing weight takes time, gaining muscle will also take time.

And building bigger biceps will take a lot of years of hard work and consistency.

If you’re at an advanced level and your bicep is not growing, you waste a lot of years of training and time.

Force Your Biceps to Grow

After you applied all this solution and you’re still not able to grow your biceps, there is something you can do which is force your biceps to grow.

So what you do basically is Pyramind training.

Many of you know about this but let me explain to others!

Pyramid training is something like increasing weight upto certain reps and then decreasing the reps and weight all the way to zero.

Pyramind training is one of the best ways to grow your biceps, if you tried all the solutions I mentioned above.

Just keep in mind that you should not do pyramid training every time you do bicep exercises or you can only do pyramid training with one exercise.

Because pyramind training is like advanced level training and no one should perform it frequently. 

What’s NEXT!

Now, you know the shit that you’re not doing enough number of sets for the biceps and not eating enough protein and that’s why your bicep is not growing.

If you think, you do all this without any mistakes then there is no way your biceps won’t grow.

Thoughts? Doubts? Comments? Drop them Below!

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