The Complete Beginner Back Workout For Female

The Complete Beginner Back Workout For Female

Back is one of the biggest and most important body parts of yours. It’s important that you train it efficiently at every level in order to grow it bigger.

If we talk about females, they stored fat mostly in the lower body, back and in the arms. 

Now in order to have toned and well defined back you must start doing your complete back workout routine at the beginner level.

Let’s see the glimpse of the back workout routine we’re going to do!

Beginner Back Workout:

Exercise 1: Assisted pull-ups

Exercise 2: Seated Rowing

Exercise 3: Lat pull-down

Exercise 4: Chest supported Rowing

Exercise 5: Back extension

As you read further, you will read the exercises, sets/reps that you should do in order to have proper effective workout for your goal.

Make sure you read the article to end as I’m also showing you how you can shape your back at home along with back strengthening exercises to do at home.

Back Workout For Women

You already know about the exercises and in this section I will show you the number of sets and reps to do.

Before starting the workout plan, one thing I want to clear is that your fitness level is at beginner level and that’s why you should focus more on form, mind, muscle connection etc.

Before doing any of the below exercises, make sure you learn correctly, you can learn it from various sources on the internet but my go to site for learning exercise form is

They have tones of exercise for every fitness level, with or without dumbbells, with or without weights.

  • Workout Frequency: 3 times per week
  • Total number of sets/week: 20 sets
  • Total Number of set/workout: 6-7 sets
Day 1Week 1
Assited Pull-ups38-123-4
Seated Rowing38-123-4
Day 2
Lat Pull Down38-123-4
Chest Supported Rowing38-123-4
Back Extension28-123-4
Day 3
Assited Pull-ups38-123-4
Seated Rowing38-123-4

As you can see I only show you the week 1 workout for the back but what about other weeks?

From the week 1 workout, you have to just worry about the number of reps you’re doing for every workout for the same load(weight).

If you’re doing 3 sets of seated rows for 10,9, and 8 reps  with 25kg weight on week 1 Day 1, you should notice how many reps you’re doing for the next week and next day.

If you’re able to increase your weight with the same weight for the same exercises, congratulations you’re progressing, if not, you have to change the number of sets you should do.

But what I would suggest is that no matter if you’re able to do more reps with the same weight and exercise, you can continue this workout plan for four week.

After four week, I’m pretty sure that you will be able to do more reps with the same weight and exercises.

Some Guidelines and Details for the Workout Plan:

  • You may notice that there is one more column in the table which is RIR(Reps in Reserve) which tells you how many reps you can still do. If you’re a beginner you don’t have to worry about that much right now, but if you’ve time, please go through this article to understand it.
  • There are tons of exercises for the back workout, it is upto you which exercise you chose. You have to do only those with your comfortable, compound exercises, and target all of your back muscles.
  • Make sure to try to get at least 8 reps and maximum 12 reps for the same load, however you can choose load as per your strength but how many reps you are able to do with the same number of reps for 4 week and vice versa that’s what matters most.
  • If you track down your sets and reps number for 4 weeks, you will be able to know whether you’re progressing or not? 
  • Don’t expect to see great results without following a proper diet plan based on your goal.
  • The way I design this plan is very important in terms of progressive overload, you should not worry about that as of now but in future if you want to grow your muscle you should know how to apply this principle in your back or any workout plan.

Back Exercises with Dumbbells for Ladies

Well, as I said before and will tell you again there are plenty of exercises that you can do with the dumbbells and even with the barbells for the back, but the below back exercises with the dumbbells are my favourite ones.

Exercise 1: Dumbbell One Arm Row

Exercise 2: DB Lying Row

Exercise 3: Dumbbell Deadlifts

If you’re looking for the instruction for each exercise just click on the exercise name and there you go!

Unfortunately there is no way to do pull-ups or any exercise that can lengthen your back muscle with the dumbbells, however, you can still do pull-ups on any bar.

It’s very hard for most of the ladies to do pull-ups especially if you’re a beginner but you have to do it as you can literally build your whole back with different pull up variations.

Back Exercises at Home

When it comes to back workout at home, there are not many choices for the exercises.

But still there are few exercises where you can train your back at home with very little to no equipment.

Exercise 1: Pull-Ups

Exercise 2: Inverted Row

Exercise 3: Superman Hold

Exercise 4: Archer/Wide grip pushups(Optional)

P.S: click on the exercise name to learn it’s correct form.

As you can see I added pull-ups and trust me it will be super hard for you but you can try a different super beginner version(beginner exercise for pull-ups) which you can see by clicking on the pull-ups.

Exercise 4 is totally optional, you can do it if you know how to or JUST SKIP IT!

At Home Back Strengthening Exercises

There may be plenty of exercise to strengthen your back but which exercise you should do totally depends on the injury or why you want to do it?

Below are some of my favourite exercise for back strengthen, you can see the complete list of the exercise here

Exercise 1: YTWL

Exercise 2: Superman Hold

How can a Woman Shape Her Back at Home?

I know every woman not only wants amazing abs and glutes but they also want to sculpt back, but how in the hell can you shape your back at home?

Below are my top tips for shaping your back at home.

  • Make sure you’re following a proper diet plan based on a goal with enough protein.
  • You have enough back workout volume, so your back can grow and have shape. It’s hard to apply adequate volume to the back at home so I suggest that if it is possible for you to join the gym, JUST JOIN IT!
  • When it comes to back training, you have to focus on two exercise types, one is lengthen your lats and another one is thick your back. 
    • Few back exercises that lengthen your back muscles as pull-ups, lat pull-down, one arm row, few other exercise that give you think back is bent over row, deadlifts and so on
    • By doing this you will be able to target your upper and lower back which we give your back amazing shape.
  • IF you want to shape your back at home, be ready because it will take time for back to grow, so JUST REALISTIC. 


I believe, there is nothing left to discuss about beginner back workout for females and that’s where your work begins!
If you have any doubt about the workout plan or the exercise selection, ask me in the comments or contact me on IG.

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