How Often You Should Train Abs?

How Often You Should Train Abs?

Go back to the past and think about why you joined the gym?

It would be for three main reasons for most people, either you want a big chest, big biceps or flat belly & 6 pack abs.

Many people make a mistake when they train their abs, they train exactly and they train other body parts which is completely wrong.

The very common mistake while training abs is they train everyday or every other day, which is not needed at all.

If you’re train abs like this then you may be wondering how often I should train them then?

If you want six pack abs, you don’t need to train them everyday like other body parts. You already have six pack abs, you just have to remove the upper layer of fat by diet because diet is the thing which will help you lose fat not exercise because exercise builds muscles.

So if you want abs, focus more on the diet and less on exercise, however, you can train them once a week or thrice in 2 weeks.

As you read further, you will know more about why you shouldn’t train abs everyday and other awesome stuff as well.

Should I Do Abs Everyday Or Every Other Day

I know I already answered this question but allow me to explain why you shouldn’t do this.

There are certain reasons why people should not train abs everyday which are as follows.

Reason #1: You need a diet to get six pack abs!

We all heard the most famous saying that “Abs are made in Kitchen” right? 

Still, some people try to make it in the gym by training them everyday for 100 to 200 reps.

Now there is again a reason why people say that.

What someone wants to say when they say the above saying is focus more on the diet rather than the exercises.

Because if you focus more on the diet, the diet will help you lose more fat than the exercise as the main reason for following a diet is to lose fat, not muscle building.

If your goal is muscle building then you should focus more on the exercise side.

P.S. Both diet and exercises are important for any fitness goal. 

However, if you do more of the abs exercises to lose fat from the upper layer of your abs, you’re not going to do it as fast as diet can.

The reason is when you do any exercises or abs exercises, you’re not going to burn and/or reduce your daily calorie intake as diet will do.

So if your daily calorie intake is lower than your maintenance calories through diet, you will lose fat and eventually your body reveals your 6 pack abs.

Reason #2 Time Wasting

Most of us spend 30 to 60 minutes doing abs exercises.

If you do ab exercises daily or on alternate days, you’re wasting a lot of time in it.

You can do more of high intensity exercises or compound exercises in this time rather than abs exercises.

Keep in mind that the high intensity exercise and compound exercises burn more calorie than any ab exercises.

So if your goal is to burn more calories do that not ab exercises.

P.S. Don’t think that you will burn more fat from your belly by doing more of the ab exercises.

How Many Times A Week Should A Woman Do Abs

“A women ask personal trainer at the gym”

How many times a week should I do abs?

Trainer replied: you should do 4-5 times at least because you have a large amount of fat stored in your belly and all that shit.

Now “A man ask same personal train at the gym”

Trainer replied; well, you should train them 2-3 times because you have to build a big chest and bicep and as you do it, your abs will shrink because your chest and biceps are growing.

To be honest, I know few personal trainers who can and will answer like this.

I don’t know who is reading this article but just remember there is no difference in supplementation, exercise selection and few more things when it comes to gender in fitness.

This personal trainers and supplement company try to make money by giving you different advice or choices.

So you would say, “Yeh, I got it, I got it, but can you tell me how many times should women do abs?

I would say the same as I said for the men, it would be minimum once a week and 4 times a month maximum.

In fact, anyone who wants abs desperately, they should focus more on the diet than the exercise and how many times they should do it.

I Do Abs Everyday But They Don’t Show

Many have this problem that I do all it takes to reveal my six pack abs,

I train them every single day,

I follow diet properly,

I take rest properly

And few more shit!!!

In my experience, I have never seen a person who did all this consistently and never achieved their result.

There is literally no way possible your abs can’t show if you do all of the above.

If you think, you’re doing it, just go back and remember, are you really doing it?

P.S. I know the answer!

How Do You Know If Your Ab Workout Is Working

What many people try to do when they’re doing their ab workout is they do more reps like 100, 200 or even 300 reps.


Just to feel burned!!!

And that’s where this question comes in: how do you know my ab working or not during the workout?

Truth to be told, no matter if you feel your muscles are working or not, they’re working in real life.

You will not feel as much as you feel during chest, bicep or leg workout but still your abs are working.

If you really want to feel your abs during working just reduce your tempo and put them under more tension, don’t forget to mind muscle connection though!

What’s NEXT!

Now you know that you don’t need to train abs every single day or on alternate days.

Just train them once a week and focus more on the diet and compound exercises to burn more calories from your body and gradually your six pack abs will reveal.

Doubts? Thoughts? Comments? Drop them below!

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