5 Powerful Six Pack Abs Exercises (7 Study Says)| Science Based Series

5 Powerful Six Pack Abs Exercises (7 Study Says)| Science Based Series


  • Diet has more importance than the exercises when it comes to getting six pack abs.
  • Even the best exercises won’t help, as long as your glorious rectus abdominis is covered by an unaesthetic layer of adipose tissue
  • Weighted ab exercises are more efficient but that doesn’t mean that they give you abs overnight.

One of the main reasons most men or women want to join is the getting six pack abs so they can click a picture with a lifted shirt showing their abs. 


It seems easy at first but it doesn’t if you’re doing it all wrong!

Because of the craving of getting six pack abs, most of you tried to focus on the cardio and tones of abs exercises.

However, I’ll show you how you can get abs without doing too much cardio and ab exercise along with the actionable plan for the diet and exercise plan based on these 5 incredible six pack abs exercises.

The Reality About How To Get Abs

By now, you’ve come across tones of articles, videos and images that show you how to get six pack abs and all that, which is completely misleading.

If you’re beginner and don’t know ABC about exercise and diet for abs then you’ll fall into the beginner trap made by people to sell their so called product for getting six pack abs.

Well, based on the experience of training a hundred plus clients to reduce their belly fat and get six pack abs, I know what it is that you exactly need to get your abs.

Before getting into diet and nutrition stuff, I want you to show all the powerful exercise for abs that can have more effect on your abdominal than the exercises you’re doing now.

What Are the Most Effective Six Pack Abs Exercises?

The ultimate questions for fitness junkies are what are the most effective and powerful ab exercises as there are tons of exercises for the abs that you can do with or without weight, at gym or at home.

There are tones of exercises like I said but only some of them target all the core muscles PERFECTLY.

What I meant by that is If you don’t do exercise based on your muscle’s function that you’re not likely to target your muscles.

What’s the Movement For Six Pack Abs Exercises?

There are mainly three movements that you’ve done while training your abs.

  1. Flexion And Extension
  2. Rotation
  3. Stabilization: Plank

Now in order to target your abs 100%, all you have to do is pick 1-2 exercise that do flexion and extension for rectus abdominis and 1-2 exercise that do rotation which target your oblique muscle aka serratus anterior and in last to engage the whole core you need some stabilization exercise.

I bet you know which stabilization exercise you should do!

Movement 1: Flexion And Extension

Like you all know that there are many exercises to do for all the body parts but when you’re trying to find the exercise that target muscle for which it is made there are some exercises left in the list.

Exercise #1: Crunch, arm extended

You may have heard that don’t do crunches anymore, they are bad.

Some people also argue that if you do crunches, you’ll have back pain but what about with the perfect form.

If you know how to do specific exercise with perfect form then there is zero exercise that you can’t do.

So I suggest you to see some YouTube Videos which show how to do crunches effectively.

Some of you may know about this variation of the crunches but if you’re beginner you don’t know. So let me explain how to do it in easy way!

I assume you know how to do normal, regular crunches. From that what you’ve to do is just extend your arms in the upper direction while doing crunches, not behind your head or not on your chest.

It is simple as that!

This variation specifically targets your upper abs.

Another exercise that you can do to target upper abs is twisted crunch, hand behind head aka bicycle crunches.

Let me show you how to perform that!

  • Lie on your back with your hands behind your head, elbows out.
  • Raise your head, neck and shoulders off the floor by engaging your abs.
  • Twist to your left side, bending your right knee in toward your chest as you bring your left elbow to meet it.
  • Return to center and repeat with the opposite arm and leg.

This exercise is at the top in the list of 13 most common ab exercises research done by the American Council on Exercise(2001).

Other most popular flexion and extension ab exercises are:

  • Decline sit-up, 
  • sit-up,
  • The Hanging Leg Raise
  • Crunches, heads to toes
  • Reverse Crunches
  • Cable Crunches

Movement 2: Rotation

What basically rotation exercises do is that they target the whole abdominal region but focus on the obliques internal and external as well.

Exercise #2: Side Bands & Side Planks

For the rotation exercises, I believe side bends and side planks are the best since they target more of your oblique than any other rotation ab exercises.

Based on the study done by the Boeckh-Behrens & Buskies in 2000 for Top 12 ab- and oblique exercises, side bands and side plank exercises are at 2 and 3 respectively for the oblique muscles.

If you’re having difficulty finding the perfect exercise video, here is the link for side bands and side planks.

Now you know that there are other rotation exercises you can do for the abs.

So Here they are, the popular ones…

  • Cable Rotation, 
  • side dumbbell crunch
  • Rotating Side Plank

Movement 3: Stabilization

Did you guess the stabilization exercise I told you know about earlier in this article?


Exercise #3: Planks

Anyways, the exercise for core stabilization you already know is the Plank aka the God of Stabilization exercise.

Stabilization exercises work your entire abdominal region, but the stress is placed upon the transverse abdominis – the deepest abdominal muscle that wraps around your spine. 

This muscle is responsible for the majority of your overall balance and stability, so it must not be neglected.

Most of you believe that they are doing plank without any mistakes but that’s not true and that’s why I’m linking this awesome exercise instruction video for the plank HERE.

Other popular Plank variations are:

  • Plank with shoulder touch
  • Plank on stability ball
  • Extended Plank
  • Single-leg plank
  • Plank roll-out

5 Powerful Six Pack Abs Exercises (7 Study Says)| Science Based Series

Apart from doing these abs exercises, you should also focus on your resistance training as they also target your core most of the time.

Now You know about the exercises and other exercises that you can use to make a workout for yourself.

There is of course a myriad of ways of combining the individual exercises, my personal recommendation for overall core development would yet be as follows:

Abs Workout Based on 5 Six Pack Abs Exercises

As you know, most people want to do cardio to burn excess belly fat.

If you would like to do the same just do before this abs workout.

Crunch, arm extended < 20 reps

Side Bands < 15 reps 

Reverse Crunches < 15 reps

side dumbbell crunch < 15 reps

Plank 30 Sec

You may notice that I do not make volume (i.e. set) recommendations. This is due to the fact that I found that everyone has to find what works best for him / her in terms of optimal volume and training frequency.

Just keep in mind that by doing more sets of these exercises will not lead you to six pack abs overnight.

The Nutrition for Six Pack Abs

Like we all know that “Abs are built in the gym, and sculpted in the kitchen”, and in order to do that you’ve to prioritize your nutrition and diet plan not the exercise and workout plan. 

As many of you know that to lose fat you must be in the calorie deficit which you can do that by eating less.

However, many people prefer to exercise to burn excess fat rather than just eating a little less as doing 40 min of jogging is easy for most people.

Most of the nutrition tips related six pack abs you will find online and that’s why I don’t want to bore you by repeating the same information here as well.

But what I like to do is note down some tips that really helps you to follow diet consistency(since most people struggle with this), which will again help you to get those six pack abs.

  • You must be in the calorie deficit(Technically this is not a tip but I’ve to mention this!)
  • Follow whatever diet you would like to follow just eat less than you burned for a longer period of time at least for 6-12 weeks.
  • Make sure to have enough protein in your diet(You already know the Numbers!)
  • Add 20% of your favorite food in the diet that could be ANYTHING, make sure other 80% of food is clean and healthy
  • There is NO super food, good or bad food that will bring your six pack abs overnight.
  • Try to add more vegetables as they will help you to feel full which again help you to stop overeating at any meal.
  • A helpful graphic that you should look at to make your fat loss diet plan

5 Powerful Six Pack Abs Exercises (7 Study Says)| Science Based Series

There are more information about getting six pack abs which I will cover in the next article as it’s not the scope of this article.

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But before ending this  the very last thing I want to cover, which is very important for most people is, When Will I See My Six Pack?

Basically, what you have to do is, following your diet along with the tips I mentioned and the ab workout plan that you made for yourself based on the 5 six pack abs exercises I mentioned earlier.

In order to see your abs, your body fat percentage should be less than 12% or below.

When your body fat percentage is less than 10%, you will see the definition in your abs.

As you can see in the below graphic, this is the level of leanness you’ll have to attain in order to see a well defined six pack:

5 Powerful Six Pack Abs Exercises (7 Study Says)| Science Based Series

One last tip is that you’ll lose fat first from your arms, back and face muscles and lastly you’ll lose fat from your abdominal due to stubborn fat.

So the key to success for getting abs is patient and trust the process!

What’s Next!

Now you know all the stuff that you should know in order to have six pack abs. But how do you get that?

If you want it, put this information in action, otherwise no matter how much workout or other things you do, you won’t get six pack abs.

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